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  3. Hahah, surely there's more pros Is the pay really that much on the low side?
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  5. anyone interested in a mint condition 2011 880?

    Around £1000 would not surprise me if it's not been hammered to death.
  6. New helmet

    Buy another one for the nipper for crying out loud. Make sure it's in your size though
  7. Wood Supply - Leeds area

    there are a few lads on here on the north and east side of Leeds that do seasoned logs if that is in your location
  8. NFU won't insure arb companies.

    Have you tried Clear insurance? They have a scheme called Arborplan on 01483 274782 Martyn
  9. A bench I made..

    Get on with ya..... I know full well you appreciate the broader benefits to physical and mental health that can be derived from an active outdoor leisure activity, not to mention the economic and social advantages derived from encouraging and facilitating tourism in the rural economy. And if a small fringe benefit of that is recycling timber that might otherwise have gone for firewood or chip into supplementing the meagre wage of a hardworking tree fella, well what’s not to like? Don’t be giving all your Northern “Art, that for lasses...” mellarchy, I’m not ‘aving it you ferret chaser!
  10. wanted - rolling pin

    i'll have a butchers at my stock tomorrow and see what i have to make it from. i should have beech and sycamore but i'll check for anything else.
  11. Caritool broken again

    Def fix it onto your tool attachment then to caritool for short attachment
  12. A bench I made..

    "Community benefits?" It's a seat FFS
  13. New helmet

    Smart looking hat Don. Kong stuff looks well made.
  14. Caritool broken again

    This is an interesting but slightly worrying thread. I've only discovered the Caritools in the last couple of years. Until now I was pretty impressed with them. Though had concerns about snagging issues. So I've got a couple on my harness, one of which I use to hang my tree saw on, 200t. All you guys that have had them fail on you, what has been hanging off them at the time? I mean am I in danger of the saw plummeting to earth?! I have the 200t on a tear-away strop which means I can hang it long or short on my harness. I think I'll attach the end of it to a conventional metal krab and just use the Caritool to hang it short from now on just in case. Obviously I could upgrade to the 15kg rated bigger version which ought be more than strong enough but I really don't fancy the increased snag risk. Especially in light of Matty's scary story.
  15. NFU won't insure arb companies.

    Try Adrian Flux, they do most modified vehicles , my Series II tipper was fine K
  16. NFU won't insure arb companies.

    I guess I'm staying with arborisk then, unless someone here has a recommendation.
  17. Ohh, so you don't have any reasons why the EU benefits Brits. So sad. The thing is I think you're a xenophobe. You clearly think some countries are inferior and that's why the EU should give them money. Let's face it, the EU is really just a charity where rich countries give poor countries money.
  18. Looking for work in south/west wales

    Adam, I can give you odd days grounding around Vale of Glamorgan/ Cardiff/ Bridgend, just need your PPE. I'm on 07734 943570. Regards, Steve.
  19. Wood Supply - Leeds area

    Just looking for a recommended supply for wood for a newly installed wood burner. Probably need kiln dried this winter as we don't have time to season it. Looking for Birch, Ash or Oak I guess. Any help very much appreciated.
  20. Inonotus Hispidus on apple trees

    All very true, and I can think of very few hispidus related failures of apples, and it is a very common host/fungi combination around here. Far more likely is branch breakage from the weight of the apples! But one other thought to consider is that if major branch loss due to extensive decay looks likely, a bit of tip reduction (or propping) could save a greater loss. And the lesser need to lay down reaction wood could allow an aging tree of dwindling energy reserves to use its resources on something more beneficial, like compartmentalisation of the decay, or producing more apples, which may break the branch! Hmm...
  21. New member new saw

    Ah that is probably it then as I put the old arm spring and everything back in
  22. I like the idea of a non centralised government. I've seen what central government has done to the north east of England over the years. That's why i'm against the EU. I reckon there should be far more in the way of local autonomy. I have no problem with the free movement of anyone. People should be allowed to do what they want, so long as they abide by the laws of the land in which they live. I'd have waited a while to vote leave if I was given the choice, as the current government doesn't seem to have a scooby doo what they're up to.
  23. New member new saw

    +1 Having the metering chamber gasket the wrong way up does exactly what you experienced. ...runs on choke, runs on fast idle then dies, repeat as often you like. Don't ask me his i know this. If the metering arm height is set to low it could do exactly the same. Just saying .......
  24. Looking for work in south/west wales

    Evening Wolf , As great as that sounds im not sure if Germany comes under the same area code ! but please keep in touch as the new year may bring a change in circumstances
  25. Caritool broken again

    * Massive lie.
  26. Looking for work in south/west wales

    Hi steve, please excuse my late reply ! I will ring tomorrow if that's okay ? Adam Lee
  27. Caritool broken again

    Aye, so will the DMM. I always remember to lock mine when there is any risk. *
  28. Looking for work in south/west wales

    Hi Wiley I'm currently based in Wiltshire. but im looking to get some days work in south/west wales due to family movements. I have plenty work in Wiltshire but it would be great to spread my time between here and there if possible. Any days would be appreciated Adam Lee
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