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Blower/Vac Recommendations

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Well I could suggest a Timberpro Backpack blower as I've just bought one and well it does what it supposed to but........


In this case I'm sure I'd have been happier with an Echo PB-580 (58cc - 96.6m/sec) or a Stihl BR350 (63cc - 75m/sec) for £200 odd more.

The Timberpro feels a bit fragile and the stop switch wasn't fitted correctly on mine, I had to open up the control handle and sort it. It also doesn't go straight from choke on to choke off when cold starting, needs a bit of playing around with the choke first and they recommend a 40-1 mix so that's an extra fuel can.


Having said that it does work fine and I'm sure they don't all need fettling from new as my 5-1 combi polesaw/trimmer, also Timber pro is fine but obviously not Echo/Stihl/Husqvarna quality which you wouldn't expect at the price.


So don't automatically rule out Timberpro but understand that it'll need a bit more care, chucking it around won't do it any favours, I'm pretty careful with tools and such so I'm sure it'll be fine. (Would still be happier with an Echo) :thumbup1:



Tanks R Mac, reckon I cud do with a bigger blower as i got 2 old handhelds and 1 smaller Echo backpack but i have a hankering fer summit with more power.

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Local dealer is punting out the BR600 at around £407 incl VAT and the smaller Stihl backpack blowers loike the BR430 are even better value fer money.


Despite me being originally concerned about the size/bulk i'm now considering an Echo PB-770 as it's a basic 63.3cc 2T enjun.


The Stihl BR350/420 is also a basic 2T enjun but although it has the same size enjun at 63.3cc i reckon it's physically smaller and the smaller fan will produce alot less blow compared to a full size machine.


A Maruyama blower is also an option as they come with a 5 year (yes 5 year) warranty and a 64.7cc enjun.

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Just rejuvenating this post. Im still looking for a blower, the vac might be handy too. Many thanks for the replies. I think most of the recommends will be overkill. Any advice or reviews on the smaller hand held blower/vacs? Anyone got a Stihl BG 86 C blower or Echo ES250ES Petrol Blower/Vac?

Thx in advance

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I bought a new stihl sh86 in 2015, within 18 months the carb was knackered, this also happened to new stihl hedge trimmer so I bought the echo 250 blower/vac and haven't been disappointed yet.


Stihl's quality has diminished over the years, I won't be buying stihl products in the future.

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...Anyone got a Stihl BG 86 C blower or Echo ES250ES Petrol Blower/Vac?


I've got the Echo ES250ES. When first delivered it was way out of tune, the retailer clearly hadn't actually PDI'd or tested it, so wouldn't rev beyond about 5500rpm (book figure 7300rpm) and would bog on acceleration, returned it and the retuned blower is much improved. The little mulching blades within the impeller fan were also beyond blunt (you want a lawnmower blade style edge, these were essentially a 2mm flat). It takes a couple of minutes to warm up before it will deliver full rpm, but has only had around 8 tanks of fuel through it, and delivers most of the blower performance from start up.


For a budget/homeowner machine it feels pretty well made, is very easy starting whether hot or cold,delivers enough performance for what I use a blower for and is frugal on fuel. The throttle lock is very handy and the supplied accessory tubes are robust and standing up well to use.

The intake is on the left, if you use it righthanded it'll try and suck your trousers/knife lanyard or anything loose into the impeller, the grill is a little more open than some machines so it's worth bearing in mind.


If you want to move damp leaves and larger debris then none of the handheld blowers will be very satisfactory imo, but mine gets used on dry leaves, grass clippings off the drive/concrete/gravel beds, chainsaw chippings, blasting the crud off my little ride on mower and drying the car when I occasionally wash it. It does all those things well.


The vac feature is useful, but has its limitations. For picking up leaves on gravel landscaped areas it's handy, but again they'll need to be dry. If you get over ambitious with it you'll soon block the intake tube, but it is nice to have the feature sometimes. The vacuum impeller blades are plastic fins on the flywheel, so it'll only take something solid to damage them. Once I'd formed an edge on the mulching blades it does a decent job of chopping up piles of leaves for composting for example.


Overall I find it a handy and reliable little tool within the limits that applies to all small hand held blowers.HTH

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I need to replace my old stihl blower as it is an older model with no anti vibe mounts. It is a 55 model and really shifts. Going to trade in for a bg86 but having used one i know that it has half the power of the older model which seems back wards


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