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Mark Cattell

Walnut available

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We are dismantling a large walnut in West Bromwich 5mins off junction 1 of the M5 limited access for a small haib or telehadler but is limited so a site visit might be required prior to collection.


Approx 1.5m dia and a single 5m length could be cut plus addition lengths from the main truck.


Positioned in the grounds of a community centre.


I will update post with some photos later today


PM me if your interested in making an offer. :thumbup1:

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if there is no rot in the middle that will be a spectacular set of boards from that tree...



i suggest you fell it and assess what it's like in the middle before you get any serious offers...

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The tree will be felled Monday so photos to follow!


Some nice timber off already.


The works are being done at cost for a local charity so be great to get a good price for the timber at assist with the costs.



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I'm not interested in the stem, but don't whatever you do cut that main stem in half.


Fell is as low to the ground as possible, leave clean cuts just above the fork above the main length. Then contact AJ Scotts, Chantlers, James at Whetstone Oak and Andy at Prime Timber and see who offers the most. Value will be dependent on rot, shake, darkness of heartwood, size of sapwood band and access. If all of the above are good, then price is upwards of £25/hoppus foot, so circa £3700 (that's on a mid measure of 37" quartergirth/48" diameter and 15ft length).


Good luck :D

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As Big J suggests, heartwood colour, sap all play a major role in value. There are not many logs around this size and the ones we sometimes see this old are to some extent rotten but that is not always a right of. A lot of large stuff in the top can be used so it always pays to ask before getting too carried away with the saw. We recently acquired a very large butt with a 47"qg at the smallest point. Sadly the farmer ringed up all everything barring the butt which would have gone the same way but he didn't have a large enough saw to fell it thankfully.

If you want to ask any questions just give me call

Andy prime timber 07711 278745

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The tree will be felled Monday so photos to follow!


Are the photos coming? Would really like to see the quality of the stem

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      Had some woodchips delivered. Lovely quality and for free. Was able to start my garden project. Am so pleased with the service that i have decided to give a tip for my next tip waste load.
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