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Mick Dempsey

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13 hours ago, EdwardC said:

I thought there was record employment.


Personally, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson for me. And a no deal Brexit. And I mean a no deal Brexit. Not the kind of no deal Brexit the politicians talk about, but the kind of no deal Brexit that Brexiteers voted for. Leave was on the voting slip, leave meant leave. Not leave with a deal. Leave meant leave, no deal. The kind of no deal Brexit Iain Duncan Smith said couldn't happen as there's no such thing as a no deal Brexit, because deals will be done to ease the way. 


A proper no deal Brexit pushed through by the personification of English manhood, somebody born in England, somebody with a proper Anglo Saxon name, like Alexander, or Boris, or de Pfeffel, would result in substantial, (ask IDS), long-term damage to this country, the consequence of which would be the destruction of the Conservative and Unionist Party. Result, a socialist Government for the next 1000 years.


Bring it on.


This is the best prediction so far, if I say so myself. And far and away better than anything Vespasian has come up with. Rory the Tory, who's he?


And please don't tell me he's my MP. I know that much to be true.

One of the added benefits of Boris being leader, him wearing the old school tie and all that, he has the ability bring back lots of disheartened Tory voters who have voted for NF.

The idea of Boris haemorrhaging The Bollocks Party vote and snubbing out the ‘Fag Butt’ Politician that is NF,for me, is a very silver lining.

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20 minutes ago, eggsarascal said:

He's been suspended.

He should of milkshaked the bitch, if only to see if Jess Phillips would of found that funny like she did Sargon and Farage...


I follow her on Twitter and she don't half play the victim card when it suits..


My own take on these types of protests is you aught be willing to be manhandled out the room if you feel the need to protest.   as it is these days they all want to take action but cry like babies when action is justifiably taken against them.. bunch of cowards that they are....   

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5 minutes ago, kevinjohnsonmbe said:

She should be arrested - acts or threats designed to influence a government = a terrorist act. 

Send her to the tower, that's what I say.

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Iffen modern wimmen want to be treated as equals, as apparently a vociferous number loudly and vehemently protest they deserve.

Tough, if you get ejected by the scruff of the neck, as indeed a man would be manhandled.

Or do these wimmen no like being manhandled?

Disgusted of Dervock.

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9 minutes ago, Steve Bullman said:


Yea, she is a greedy scheming undeserving bitch,


it makes the point that Cyclists are accountable and can be held accountable and therefore require insurance.

Unless they are members of the great unwashed, an ha'nay the nails to scrape themselves.

Then we, the always accountable, heavily insured and even heavier taxed middle class, will, as always, pay for everbodies grossly magnified misfortunes.

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