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Mick Dempsey

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16 hours ago, Mick Dempsey said:

It’s an internet craze, post a picture of yourself 10 years ago and now.


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3 hours ago, Mark J said:


It's been going on for a long time, a dollar was five bob when I was young.


It shows the benefit of American governments having the eye on Lebensreichtum over all else, It also shows the benefits of large trading blocs

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4 hours ago, Mick Dempsey said:

Isn’t it just a two quid levy on hotel rooms in the city?

Seems perfectly innocent, even reasonable perhaps when put like that. 


But this is SNP territory and shouldn’t be taken as innocently as first presentation might suggest. 


After all, 2 squid on £200 hotel room is peanuts and completely insignificant. Not quite so insignificant on a £20/night hostel though. 


£2 today x the number of hotel accommodation beds in Scotland = a very tidy sum of money. How long before the SNP come to rely upon it, overspend it and before you know it, it’s £3 or £4 or £5 per night. 


The UK desperately needs tax simplification NOT more stand alone taxes. 

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We came across the "tourist tax" some 40 year ago in France, all neatly itimized on the back of the door of the room.

I bristled at first, but on reflection, it made perfect sense, tourist visitors need facilities, on a seasonal basis only for coastal destinations that it would be unreasonable to ask the local residents to pay for, and in conscience the French did provide such needed facilities.


Start taxing jet fuel as swingeingly as car and truck fuel is taxed as well.

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