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The Joys of trying to rent a yard

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Hi everyone , i have been on the lookout for a yard / shed over here for the last few weeks . Basically have outgrown our present location , my god the rates asked are eyewatering .

How come landlords are happy to sit on empty units , there are 7 pages (around 70) of empty yards in the county i live in here but the cheapest is around 9,000 Euro Per annum .

I had an interesting encounter and formed my own theory today . Went to look at a place which was pretty much ideal for me , locally , well , well outside Dublin .

Small talk over , the guy renting says he wants 750 Euro cash per month . I nearly pass out , this is basically a small 3 span barn / lean to with barely enough room to turn a truck .

I say , youre having a laugh and he says to me that hes already getting this for a smaller lock up in the same yard .

I ask from who , he says from a foreign gentleman who stores Lawnmowers , saws , wackers etc ,do you want to see .

So he opens the doors and sure enough there are dozens of the afforementioned . He says i havent even seen him for the last 3/4 months but the money is always there .

Hmmmm , now the gear was all secondhand and would have been hard set to be worth 4 K , so its obviously not a commercial venture , i dont see the average house mover having a dozen mowers .

My guess would be that amongst the powertools a friendly police sniffer dog might very well have his nostrils tickled .

Hard to compete with that .

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I have , i actually have an acre attached to a house i own . Which i could theoretically build on , but its rented out , also the neighbours wouldnt be too impressed by one of Spuds creations going flat out making 125 Decibels .

There is a fair bit of equity in it ,so i might sell it and try and buy a yard . The property market here is still all over the place but im considering giving it a try .

As regards getting a straight business loan i wouldnt have the turnover in my bank account .

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Hi guys by the sounds of things I have been very lucky 3 of us share a 30mtr x 10 mtr barn and a big yard and we pay 6grand a year hope you get something sorted

Cheers Mark

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I pay £120 a month for a bit bigger that a double garage 2.3 ish and he lets me park both my large trailer round the back ;)

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Have the use of a stables near where i used to live for timber and chip for free..shes grateful for us tipping chip where horses exercise as its akin to the Somme otherwise..only prob is access is sometimes sketchy..new gaff has plenty space for log and school uses chip in biomass boiler..

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How much space do you need??


Asking, as we get pestered something rotten all the time asking to rent literally a 'patch' of land wanting to keep stuff at ours....


We can't accept as we're tenant farmers....


So how about approaching a land owner type farmer??


You'll be surprised at just how much some of them have as 'dead' areas in the corners of their yards....

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