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Fings wot broke

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Gearbox seal had gone on the little petrol mixer the landscape lads use and despite oil running down the back of the drum none of them saw fit to stop using it so its lunched.




Its not caused a problem but thats one tiny cogged belt :thumbdown:

I am pretty sure the older electric ones run a fan belt.




Fitted the new gearbox.




Gagged the drum thread in copper slip.




Gave it an oil change, those old hypoid oil containers with the tube are bang on for filling these engine. Worth keeping one clean just for this.




No paint :)



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A friend was showing me his "oil safe" container complete with pump and hose, ideal for filling up small engines with oil. Nearly fell over when I looked it up and saw the price, over £100! :001_huh:

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Botex strip down, started with a leaky ram then found pin collar was all but cracked off then found a tiny crack in bit it go's onto so whole slew casting is going to have to come off the king post to split them and strengthen it up a bit, the simple jobs never stay that way! cf66526ded2c8ea5d48dee6621c708c0.jpg3629c3fd2a9cfc7e022955095de9702d.jpg3c68c55a821c1ca9ed841df0fbcb082f.jpga99a3df430451c44563a05f137b3e77f.jpg


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I'll be interested in what the experts say.


In the absence of better advice I'd vee out the crack, clamp it and use a nickel rod (avoid nickel fumes it's a carcinogen) as I'd guess the vice is made from cast steel.

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Started leaking in quite a spectacular way, luckily Dan the man had one in stock. Only problem was the drain hole has been welded up, so had to be taken out 3/4's full.ec3e22d5e5d51ce769211d6f07e7099f.jpg


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A quiet week this week for us.


Chipper overheating, suspect Rad blocked but looks clear to workshop for investigation weeks before a big job.


Cutter head bearings gone on Carlton.


Tipping gear weak on Unimog suspect pump dying.

Fan belt on Unimog toast- in our parts stock so simple fix

Oil leak from somewhere getting worse, fuel leak somewhere getting worse.


Cabstar won't charge battery new alternator.


Idler hearing gone on 2.3 ton Takeuchi digger.


Engine gone on water bowser fed up of fixing it new one ordered.


Fuel leaking into sump of pressure washer.


Leak from axle of another Unimog portal hub seal gone potentially.


CTIS gone on another Unimog air lines full of crude, disconnected for now, along with air leak probably related to gunk in air lines.



If only all weeks were this quiet on the maintenance front.

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