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best chainsaw stihl or husqvarna

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hi people.


whats the best reccomended chainsaw to invest in for tree felling. i dont want to pay second hand want to buy new but want to invest in something worth while and thats good to work with and durable and good for the money what would you recomend stihl or husqvarna and what models please// any help would be greatly appreciated i am new to the tree world just on my cs30/cs31 course using a stihl ms180 i know its a domestic saw but does for the course like i say any advice and reccomendations well appreciated :

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There's a recent thread: http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/1150159-post.html Have a gander through there.



550XP Light and great on a 15" bar

560XP Light and great on 15" & 18" bars

357XP Not so light but great all the same



MS261 Good all rounder

MS441 Better all rounder






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I did my CS30/31 a couple of months ago.


The college used Husqvarna. I used my Stihl 261 CM


I did have a go with one of theirs and was interested to note that they were a bit lighter. ( think they were 550's ? )


May have been a bit more revs in them too…. I didn't dislike them but , they had outboard clutches as opposed to my inboard on the Stihl…… ( gonna get some remarks now ….! )

and from a maintenance point of view I found the Stihl easier to work on……..

….. but then I'm a girl !! :-)

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the clutch design is what makes it more 'flickable' for snedding. being outboard is slightly awkward when servicing it, but the ergonomics are of higher importance.

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Don't bother with a 261 or 362, they're crap! Stihl is only good for the 150t and 241 now

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