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Fabricating your own lowering device

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if anyone does make their own winch/bollard lowering device best to use a 2 speed self tailing winch rather than a winch without a self tailer

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Yeh, but that was an easy error to make, the second groundy who mounted the bollard was not at fault, just Felix stood still for a moment too long next to the tree!:biggrin:


Could have been so much worse. I was taking a leak at the time. :001_smile:

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Just as a precaution I have just welded a steel loop on the bottom of my block so you can add a second ratchet strap.

Has anyone heard about the lad who was seriously injured when the lowering device came off the tree and flew up to the pulley and hit him:thumbdown:

You could also put a whoopie sling around the butt and connect it to the bottom of the block.

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How is the SWL and MBS calculated, as a matter of interest:confused1:


I've been wondering (and discussing with my fabrication oppo) the same thing. All we can come up with is cert of conformity for source materiel and then make up several 'test' pieces, then test them to destruction. Establish the failure points then calculate back for safety factor. Anything else would have to be pure guess work? So if you make 1 piece and guestimate a SWL/MBS it couldn't be anything other than a best guess?? Based on source material certificates (the only "known" factor) the weak point / unknown factor would have to be the weld (although fabrication oppo says the weld (if done properly) is stronger than the source materiel)

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