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Broken teeth on chain

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Hi, I need some advice.


I was cutting up a thick old wooden beam for firewood today when I seemed to find every hidden nail and screw in it! :001_rolleyes: Took a few restarts but I managed to find a clean way through eventually but not before blunting the chain a fair bit.


So I started to resharpen it to find a couple of teeth had snapped clean off the chain!


Is this bin time for the chain or can I carry on using it after doing a lot of sharpening?

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Thanks! It's just two but both on the same side. I'll get it sharpened and see how it does.


When it becomes a skip chain you might find it cuts faster if its on a longish bar ! :biggrin:

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It should be fine. You can have up to 3 missing even if they are in a row. This is the 'official' for want of a better word, amount, but I dare say you could get away with more missing.

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Thanks for all the advice. It's not new but it's been pretty well looked after until today, just cutting lots of round wood and felling a few trees.


I've been sharpening by hand and it's not needed too much doing to it, but today it got hammered (I hate nails). I started sharpening on the saw but it was taking a while so I put on a new chain while I decide what I'm going to do with it (find the time to sharpen it properly).


One thing I noticed was how amazingly great the first cut was with a brand new chain but also how it seemed to lose maybe 1-2% of cutting power within the first cut. I was cutting through a 15 inch Hawthorn ring so not the softest of wood. It really felt like hot knife through butter for the first few seconds and then it settled down into great but not amazing. I probably imagined it!

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