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Which flail mower for 75hp alpine?

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This summer I want to try and pick up some mowing work to fill in the gaps between the forestry stuff. I have a 75hp reverse drive alpine tractor and I have been asked about doing some footpath / bridleway mowing. I have been on the lookout for a secondhand 1.6m - 1.8m wide heavy duty flail ideally with side shift. I don't want anything bigger as it would then be wider than the track width of the tractor. I want it to cope with long grass / heavy scrub and maybe small diameter brash so I could also use it for woodland ride swiping. I can't afford a full blown mulcher and anyway I'm not sure 75hp would be enough even on a 1.6m machine (that's if you believe it actually delivers 75hp at the PTO).


There are not many tidy used flails that size. I saw a secondhand Bomford recently but the dealer wanted over £2.5K + VAT. For that money I could more or less have a new Zanon flail from Pasquali. Yes I know they're Chinese but they are light enough for an alpine and sold by a dealer who at least knows a bit about alpine tractors.


Has anyone out there got any experience with Zanon flails or any other manufacturer used with alpine tractors, or has a flail mower sitting in their barn that they don't use?:001_smile:





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Depending on density of scrub/vegetation, you may struggle to above 1.2m width with 75hp I have used a 1.2m on a 90hp BCS alpine tractor and it can be slow work or stalling. People tend to leave it late when the material has gone woody and takes more chewing up.



P.S I used a sovema with side shift from kilworth. Check geometry of linkage and pto on any purchase. This one operates at tight pto guard shredding angles. It is posted in a picture on here in a thread on alpine or BCS tractors

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Use a flail on reverse drive 60 hp pasquali. When I'm back there I can check the make but I got it from pasquali. It handles brambles and smaller scrub easily if you keep the revs up and the speed down (only use it on banks though so flat may not need it). Flail has Y cutters not hammers for better grass finish.

Seems robust, even after it got top mount point bent after a tree related collision!


One stupid greasing point

Very short top link needed

Only really works well on floating linkage and floating setting on top of flail.

Rear roller is a pain to adjust but is needed on rougher ground to prevent ploughing.

Rest roller collects mud etc for fun, needs a scraper bar fitting.



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My dad imports Bargam ones from italy, I have one on my BCS its reverse drive 1.5m width, it handles brash up to 3" and makes a nice job on grass too.


I'll put a link up if I can.

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Thanks for the replies. I had forgotten about Kilworth, I will give them a call as the Sovema VFM flail looks good although possibly outside my budget.


Implement geometry and PTO length is certainly an issue. I have a 3.5 tonne Fransgard winch and I have to have the top link set up just right or the 2 halves of the PTO shaft come apart when you raise the winch. Even then it catches on high stumps. I could adjust the lower arms to set the winch further away from the tractor but that puts the weight further back and increases the tendency to pull wheelies when skidding.


Here's a picture of the tractor with a Zanon flail as used by it's previous owner - he kept the flail so it can't have been that bad!


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I don't know' They may have changed models slightly, I think its the frk.


It handles brambles and scrub really well i know that.

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Does anyone know anything about this Bomford flail. The dealer can't tell me much and neither can Bomford. It is not in their current range, all I know is that it is an Agri ADL 1600, but the usual Google searches don't help. I wonder if it's another manufacturer's that has been re-badged?




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