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Increase Fuel Economy!


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Hi All I have to share this with you,


I have recently been introduced to a product called diesel, and I have got to say it is awesome!!!! I run around in an L200 and I went from doing 0mpg to 34mpg with the help of diesel!!!!!! It is simply a fuel used to power engines, so I have started running it my chippers as well.


If you want more info PM or contact [email protected]


Serious savings to be made on you credulity!!

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Im sceptical too. Because yes you will be getting more mpg and possibly more power but does it work out the same cost per mile due to the cost of the additive. Im not an expert but these products often have a cetane improver. Which does also improve cold weather starting.


A friend once tried to tempt me with engine additives. I asked why would I want them?


He said my engine would last longer without major rebuilds.


I said the bodywork will go half way through the engines expected life, so no gain to me.

I don't want to be a nitpicker to the OP, but give us some more facts to evaluate such as costings and Varty would probably appreciate a pic of xft Bianca in the fave girls thread.:thumbup1:


Thanks for sharing Pewto, dont let our negativity put you off, gems do appear and this could yet be one.

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Added positivity after rereading
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I think its a crock of crap . Read an independent test . The bloke did 3 tanks without additive which varied between 19 and 22 mpg . Then started adding product a sachet at a time . Initially his mpg actually went down slightly but after 7 or 8 tank fulls with a sachet in each it gradually returned to what he was getting without the additive .

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