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7 hours ago, Rough Hewn said:

Correct, it's classified as horticultural.
The rules are even more relaxed.

So we are gardeners after all! All these years getting needlessly annoyed at being called a gardener 

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17 hours ago, Rough Hewn said:

Sure bud...
Or have a look at the: today's milling thread, today's job,advanced chain sharpening etc etc

Or my YouTube channel:

Or my Instagram page

I'm also sponsored by Logosol portable sawmills Panther sawmills

Or through the hundreds of posts I've done on Arbtalk.

I do a mix of subbing and my own work,
Mainly commercial stuff from car parks to construction sites and clearances. I also travel all over the uk subbing to various firms and individuals,
I've worked in small scale forestry,LA,
Emergency rail and utility work,
domestic arb etc
As well as the sawmilling and selling of beautiful oversized British hardwoods.

the reason i asked was to see if yer line of work was any different to mine for example,  i do Tree surgery and a small bit of forestry and woodland works but i'm not sure about the Hort. exemptions applying to 'the likes of us',  interesting thought though.

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You need to be mindful that there are only two Ag registration categories open to us, one is Ag tractor which is used on some mogs and Ag machine. Restrictions apply to both, tractor is obvious but Ag machine is slightly different. When registering as Ag machine DVLA will now ask for photographic evidence to support the change, Ag machine is also limited to 40mph , not allowed on motorways and needs to be using 360 visible beacons when on a dual carriageway.



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19 hours ago, Justme said:



£900 per head (Medical, theory, hazard, driving, CPC mod 2 & CPC mod 4) & every one can have C1 inc 5 years worth of CPC to get them started.

sounds reasonable.

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Not overloaded, but definitely up towards the towing capacity of our Defender yesterday. 


Still pulled uphill like a dream. Re map on the 2.4 Puma made the world of difference. 


We went down to Poole and over to Jersey to collect an E class Mercedes estate on an Ifor Williams trailer. With the sides and front of the trailer off it, it weighed 980kg. If I remember correctly the car came in at about 1850kg. The problem was the nose weight. Used a defender too, but an older 300 TDI, and it was from the north of Scotland. It pulled ok too, as long as the hills weren’t too steep.

We actually got followed by a Traffic Police car for ten miles along the motorway. I was sure we were going to get stopped and I was going to have to show I’d worked it all out. It felt like taking a test. Unfortunately I’d had to move the car forward over towards the front twice to stop the weave, so my nose weight probably would have exceeded the allowable 500 kg. It was a long trip, but we didn’t get stopped.

I agreed to buy the car before realising they’d changed the rules over being able to temporarily drive the car in the U.K. on Jersey plates. So although I had gotten the car immediately MOTed and paid the 20% duty and had insurance I technically couldn’t drive it with ‘foreign’ plates.

Just as well anyway as I’d declared the original Jersey registration number and there were two VOSA vans APNRing passing cars. I’m sure plod during his follow had checked me out fully too.


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A heavy nose weight can make a Defender look awful with its soft rear coils. The other problem is when the back is squat down low and the lack of weight on the front wheels the steering is very light and the front wheels can lock up very, very easily. You can "get away with it" more so with air suspension


We try to get is as well balanced as possible. Not always easy. Vehicles can be tricky as they are obviously nose heavy and long. Something like that E Class estate would want a 16ft trailer to get the car back far enough.


We used to have a 200TDI Defender, we had the fuel pump wound up, front mount intercooler, boost pin, silicone boost pipes etc. The injection pump was the limiting factor being on its max. Towing something like a 3T tracked chipper/plant trailer you'd be going up an average hill and go from 4th - 3rd - 2nd and be sat on the limit in 2nd. But it wouldn't pull 3rd.

Even before the remap on our Puma it'll accelerate up the hills with a full load. The 200/300 maybe an engine you can repair yourself on the side of the road and for that its great but for actual proper work its crap. 

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