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Tried out a zigzag today.

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We had I know there are quite a few threads already and plenty of info about the zigzag but thought I would quickly post up our findings and maybe clear up any questions that may have been asked or lost in the other threads.


No photos mind(well I do have some back on the camera in the yard:001_rolleyes:) but we all know what it looks like now.


Bare in mind it was only some trials on a climbing wall.

So ill try and be brief.


First the only real negatives I could see are..

It doesnt and wont self tend.

There are no replacement parts.

Not mid line attachable.



No one is going to trap their fingers in it.:001_smile:

It is nice and compact.

Very well constructed, but more importantly looks like a nice piece of quality kit.:thumbup:

Virtually zero sit back.



There were questions raised about how it will cope with sawdust,chain oil dirt etc and from what I can see as long as its looked after in the same manner as a crab then I cant see it being an issue TBH.


As for wear, I suppose that cant be answered for awhile yet but being stainless steel Im sure its going to fair quite well.


It has very good control when braking friction.


We tried it with a 60cm sling between the bridge and the zigzag which worked very well for a good reach of hand over hand climbing which combined with the low sit back and compact design still allowed me to reach the top of the zigzag to decend if necessary.


I think most people will be very impressed when they try one out as it worked flawlessly.


I can see it being a lot easier and less daunting to use for someone who is used to using a good old prussik rather than say a VT/hitch climber setup.


As a climber I will definitely be using one as soon as they are available.


Unfortunately we didnt manage to keep hold of the demo one as there are only 3 in UK apparently! So none in the shop to try out lads, sorry. But, as soon as we get one in anyone is more than welcome to come and try it out.:thumbup:

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It doesnt and wont self tend.


Someone said in the other thread that it self tended with 8ft of rope below (they tried it, not just hearsay)...


What mm rope did you use?

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Me Nd RobArb will arrange a day to come down and have a play. Seems a very promising piece of kit


More than welcome anytime.:thumbup:


Just having another think about the self tending business and there is no chance with 13mm.

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Mark if you watch the video carefully one of the climbers do get it to self tend, think there is a nak to it though mate:thumbup1:


And stop teasing with these threads please I've seen enough tonight on Instagram :biggrin:


Oh did you set it up in a tree by the way mate?

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