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Matthew Storrs

Stock fencers- what order do you strain up?

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Take your average hi tensile stock fence with pig netting and two strands of barb/plain wire. Id be interested to hear what order other contractors strain up ie strain the netting tight then add the two top wires afterwards or do the top wires first then netting last. Iv been fencing for quite a few years now but can never decide which is the best method.

It would make sense to do the top wires first as these have the most pull/leverage on the strainers but then it stakes more strain to get the netting tight so more chance of the top wires losing tension.

Im talking nice and tight not some half assed tension job that sheep can push under. I have always done the top wires first but i always feel id could do an extra chain link tighter when it comes to doing the netting but don't want to risk slakening the barb.

P.s my strainers are always knocked in by machine and strutted properly before someone makes that comment!:001_smile:

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Always tighten your netting first, then you know the distance above for your top wires, plus tightening the top wires first can get in the way of tensioning the netting below....Have you tried doing box strainers?? they take up tension better on high tensile and look neater than struts too.....I have always used boundary strainers with 6 metre chains attached to do all my netting...plenty of movement for pulling up at least 300 metres of netting at one pull....:thumbup:

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Netting pulled tight thru boundary clamps or quickfencer on the mog or valtra. Then pull the barb up tight, let it hang for a few seconds and stretch it away from the fence line with a claw hammer then re tighten, staple and tie off.

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I always knock strainers in 4ft strut to next inter and then knock wedge in between inter and strut ,keep struts long and low.

Then i strain up good quality netting with boundary clamp and two monkey strainers top and bottom and once you start to straighten out the kinks in the netting you should be able play a tune,then i use a straining handle just to give it a bit more on each horizontle wire before stapling ,should be slack in chains when you undo monkeys.

Then i put barb on, plain wire if specified .If its mild steel barb or plain wire make sure you pull the wire away from fenceline half way between strainers to stretch it and then retighten before fixing.

If its soft clay then using box strainers is advisable.

Hope this helps.:001_smile:

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Hmm, it seems you all do netting 1st. I use the boundary strainers too and usually strut the strainers unless its soft ground then i use the box strainer, with netting I always strain longer runs in the middle as I find its easier but also gives a more even tension throughout the run, although I usually pull the barb from one end.

The reason Iv always done the top wires 1st is that I find particulary on long undulating runs the barbs get caught up in the netting as you are pulling it up plus I usually use the barb wire to give me the line for the stakes so Iv always just strained it up to get it out of the way when unrolling the netting.

I don't know if hi tensile can be overtightened but i usually tighten it untill the ripples in the wire netting pull pretty much straight.

Another thought being that time of year whether to strain up in frozen ground as you can't guage movement untill the ground thaws by which time it may be too late...

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