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John Hancock

Are you a Petrol-head ???

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i would love to be, always been to busy before. has a couple of imprezas. they were good fun. and liked my 4x4s. just have too settle with the mog and tractor now.

now i am a bit too sensible. but would love a go on a track, the closest i get is hoging the van round a field once the sylage has been lifted





































spikes he he

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I go to Prescott every summer, if the sun’s shining you just can’t beat it! :001_smile:


My very first car was a Tartan Red Mini Cooper – 1380cc! After that I had a little blue Mini 1000HL. I moved up in the world after that and bought a white 1972 MG Midget which I ran till it fell to bits! That was replaced with a British Racing Green 1974 MG Midget – that was a lovely little car, I sold it when I want up to Cumbria to work with the National Trust. I ran (don’t laugh) a Fiat Panda for years after that – it was a cracking motor and want like the clappers.


In my later (more mature) years I’ve had a blue Peugeot 106 Rallye, a white 106 Rallye and now I’m running my Discovery, which has run faultlessly for nearly 4 years!



I’m desperate to get something nippy again…..

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Andy R   

Yes yes yes.


heres my car...(piccie whore)


52 plate Civic Type-R

currently on 94,000 miles..owned it since 50k miles and pretty much abused it with no ill effects ever since...hard as nails these cars.


ITG Maxogen Carbon Airbox

Oil Catch Tank

Spoon B-pipe 65mm

Kpro Ecu + TDI North custom tune.

TP earthing kit

Facelift flywheel

ES energy engine mount inserts

JDM rear anti-roll bar

Tie bar

Aluminium gear shifter and cable bushings

TDI North Fast road setup, camber adjusters running 1.0 degree negative camber front and 1.75 degree negative camber rear and 5 mins toe in/out front to back.

Alpine CDA9835R Headunit

Infinity 652.5i components









Edited by Andy R

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