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Steve Bullman

Arbtalk glitches, please report here

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Must be linked to Arbtalk in some way.


Possibly, or possibly not. It doesn't happen to me and by the sounds of it many others. Perhaps it's linked to something previously visited or installed on the PC. If you google the issue there's some very long threads on the MS web sites so it happens to other people on other sites. I'd guess it's linked to something previously installed, intentionally or otherwise. Does it happen when browsing in safe mode or a different PC?

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I only use one PC.


Never use it in safe mode not even sure if it can use the wifi if it is in it.


If it was PC based then it would happen on other sites. I would say that my use of the internet would be sub 5% on Arbtalk. The chance of it being just chance making it happen only here must be like winning the lotto.


The MS scan finished & found no faults at all.

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I meant use Chrome in safemode (I think you use Incognito mode which disables extensions by default), where you can disable all the plugins.


Is the browser and flash player fully up to date?


It's worth pointing out virus checkers will never get 100% of viruses, malware etc.


Have you tried clearing all your cookies etc? Another suggestion was to block all the adverts.

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I've had that on a few different sites including Arbtalk. I don't click on anything on the page just go straight to the reset button and restart the computer. A friend of mine clicked on it and got ransomware (they put a password on everything he had saved) on his machine and they wanted something like £500 in bitcoin to release his files. He had all his stuff that mattered on his laptop as well so I just formatted it for him.


P.S. it's not your antivirus it's a redirect to a website that fakes your antivirus to get you to panic and can redirect if you click anywhere on the page.

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I've tried several times to load our details into the kindling supplier list. Every time I've been kicked off with a failure to connect to STMP error. Can you help??



07884 333109

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I can't seem to open any links to youtube etc at the moment. When it tries to redirect I just get this screen


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