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the 'todays job' thread

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Meanwhile I’m having a vague argument on FB with some prick (Luke Pooley - are you on here?) who says he’s never taken on a tree that 3 men can’t do in a day if they’re good enough.
Good luck with that!
Or maybe we’re just shit?

That is a monster! Did a pair of these which had been let free for over 40 years, I was amazed at the volume of chip but we were lucky to be able to park the chipper at the base and send a climber up each tree.

This Luke sounds keen but I think just hasn't done enough crap garden drags to say any tree only needs 3 men to do in a day. Daft as a brush.
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Two and a half days for 3 of us to fell 50+ trees inc a few dismantles, and clear up. 
nasty rocky woodland tested the alstor nicely 

chipping next week 


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 Conny nailed today.


Couple of lumps left to be carved into benches.


I drank 4l of water today and didn’t piss once, got on the lagers for clear up.




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41 minutes ago, Mark Bolam said:

Stats fans that head was 19’.

Perfect angle of dangle.

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Friday - that Friday feeling...


The stench of chicken shit from one direction, the septic tank from the other.


An ivy clad Ash dismantle over the house and to make matters even worse, had to use the small chipper.


Baking heat, sweating like Jimmy Saville at an orphanage, tanking in the fluids and still pissing treacle....


By 11:00 I was SERIOUSLY considering just jacking it in and walking away.


Been a while since I didn't want to do a job THAT much...



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On 05/07/2020 at 11:51, Ian Flatters said:

A few recent job pictures, playing up the yard, chipping on very soft ground, not thinking and driving onto dredgings, fishing branches out of the water and loving the reach of the platform. emoji106.pngIMG_20200630_123312.jpegIMG_20200629_133756.jpegIMG_20200624_104413.jpegIMG_20200619_142034-01.jpegIMG_20200619_113437.jpeg

Pic 3 is an awesome photo!

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A bit tricky to do it justice in the pics, but this was a really interesting tree with a single spiralling column of remaining vitality in an otherwise dead tree!


Not the sort of tree I'd want to climb every day...











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Clearing up last weeks work, this chippers for sale “only” 600hp, the replacement will be 750 ?


Took about an hour to load










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