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the 'todays job' thread

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Good stuff Flatmeister.


Nice job with some decent dead cedars and thuja.


Had a big fire, sometimes it’s easy to forget how efficient a fire can be for removal of    arisings, not strictly legal but getting away with it so far..




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1 hour ago, Steve Bullman said:

So today I went out and did a days climbing for the first time in 9 months.


It was for a friend who has helped me move house twice in the past and is due to help me again at the end of the month.  He has always refused payment.  He recently bought a new place which needed a load of work doing so it was a good opportunity to finally be able to repay him for his past help.


Well, what can I say, i'm absolutely bolloxed now.  Didn't realise just how unfit I had become.  Started off with a couple of simplish take downs, but then onto a fairly technical Beech tree which was 2m from the house, with lots of rigging involved.  I got to about lunch time and I could feel my forearms rapidly declining.  Got to 3pm at a stage where all the the brash was off with just a bunch of skinny poles to chog down but by this time my forearms had fatigued to the point of total failure.  Yep total failure, every time I attempted to grip something my forearms spasmed and cramped up.


Ashamed to admit I came down, it was literally not worth even attempting to carry on.  I wasn't going to get the whole job done anyway even if I did finish that tree, so will go back for a second day next week to bosh out the rest.


Bit embarrassing but thought i'd share.  Use it or lose it!!

Soooo, found you a new avatar.


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8 minutes ago, Steve Bullman said:

That’s actually me.  I was using 19mm double Esterlon for my climbing line 

You've lost some weight since I last saw you.

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35 western red cedar felled

50 cube of chip removed from site

half a load of timber

all stumps ground

less than 8 hrs work for 3 guys







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Dead Ash dismantle today covered in ivy. The top of the canopy was covered in wood worm like burrows possibly EAB? The tree was incredibly brittle until I got down to where the stem birfurcates at 7 meters. 


Anyways, 16 degrees today and it’s was lovely even though the hired in MEWP decided to break down and leave me in sky for half an hour...









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