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8 hours ago, Dan Maynard said:

Sounds a bit bonkers at first sight but interesting idea as I also have 110 hard top. Not going to get a huge amount of chip in but as you say for smaller jobs may be ok.

So far my solution to all this is have a big trailer and a small chipper, can get a few cube in there with the chipper. Just sometimes in town wish the trailer was smaller too.

What are you going to chip with? If it's a tow-behind then it's going to have a lot of blow so it'll be hard to stop the cab getting covered in chip as well, I'm thinking floor to ceiling gaps all sealed.

Problem that door isn't that big too. Can you get wheelie bins small enough to roll in? Could chip into a couple and roll up ramps, might then be easier to unload.

Certainly be interested to see pics if you do it.

I was thinking make a box that fits between the 2 side wheel arch/stepped bits that is the the same size as the rear door opening. So basically a rectangle with the door end open so that it is all sealed to avoid the cab being covered in chip. Will also need to pull the box onto something to avoid the rear tipping up and smashing into the roof on it's exit.


I think wheelie bine will just take up too much room and even fitting a second in would be a tight squeeze if possible at all when full. Maybe using the skinny ones but then how much can you fit in just 2? 


Also at the door end maybe have the top angled down (as per my very rough drawing) so that i can still get my saw harness etc in the back to the side. Or just use the roof rack to put equipment on! 


Just need to figure out what to make it of so that it is strong enough to pull out but light enough to lift in! Maybe more trouble than its worth but would be handy for smaller jobs! 


Maybe just buy a pick up 130 ?


*not my 110, just for reference*



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I’d go with a box that stayed in rather than slid out, as you’ll just end up with a box on the floor to empty.


Make your box obviously as large as possible to slide in and fix when required.


Then Google Hippo bags and you’ll find they do what are basically builders bag skips.

Select a suitable size to mount in the end of your box, held/propped open with 4 ropes down the box and out the back.

Blow into your box through your new window/flap and to empty just tie the 4 ropes to something and drive off, the bag will flush the lot out and no hassle to retrieve it.

It’ll not damage anything in its way out either.


Just a way of holding the bag open, and perhaps a few open pipe clips inside to hold the top ropes up and out of the way as you fill.


If it works for you all good, can’t see a huge cost in a ply box and a hippo bag to give it a shot before you get chopping the window about.




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You will end up with chip and dust everywhere. It’s bad enough with vehicles with external chip boxes - I’d think very carefully before attempting it personally. 

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Hi all, I’m thinking about parting with my truck. I’ve pent a fortune over the last 6-7 years, so I don’t want to. Circumstances have changed and I’m travelling more miles and my chipper set up is 1.4 tonnes so it’s not that frugal when lugging it all around in and out of town. I’ve got 3 1/2 cube which makes it tight / heavy when you’ve already done a tip run and still go home with chip, Logs on and a bag of crape. 

I don’t want to phone a dealer to be told “ it books at£nothing” so does anyone know anyone i can talk to about a true market value of my LANDY? I don’t know wether I want to go through the cost hassle of an engine swap to something with much more power. It’s not standard now.

thanks in advance




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Its tidy. Depending on the year and condition between 8 and 12k? Tough one to call as it is very much an arbtruck, can't be used for much else. I would love to take it off your hands but tight for space at the moment.

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Hi G A

Years 2000


Van Arken box


air filter

turned up turbo a little...

do you know anyone/ dealer who understands 110 defenders?


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Buying, as i first wrote, i want a market valuation so i can make my mind up what to do with my business next


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