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Ross Smith

Vauxhall Movano Tipper/Renault Master

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I have the master tipper Ross its fine, mine is the 2.8 turbo model so has plenty power. The front wheel drive I find can be a benefit as it allows me to reverse the chipper onto grass areas and as long as I keep the front wheels on the Tarmac I get out without damaging the grass. I'm happy with mine.:thumbup1:

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I'm interested in this too. I've been comparing them to transits and they are cheaper for the same spec and condition on the second hand market.


Surely that's a good thing if it does the same job.

One thing I don't know about is the single wheels on the back. Transits have double wheels, presumably just to spread the weight/spot pressure.




I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?dta5vt

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I run a transit prior to this and they both sit low with a ton in them :biggrin:


One thing they are renowned for is gearbox problems.

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I've just bought the 2.2 TDI

wanted to get away from " the transit look " for obvious reasons

It drives very nice but am wary not to overload it as mentioned it doesn't have the twin wheels at the back

The bin is longer than my twin cab tran but slightly narrower

The bin is also Ali which was a major selling point plus it was 1 owner council owned full service history and new engine at 88k

So fingers crossed

I just hope she is up to the job

Pics to follow once the makeover is complete

Cheers lads

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Well after some consideration of which one to get i ended up getting a movano.


I dont fancy having another visit form the gypsies.


I got a new one( pre reg 11 plate). Cost the same as a 2010 transit with 10k on the clock.


The new ones are twin rear wheel and rwd too.


had a hire van ( ldv fwd ) and was getting stuck on everything that wasnt grass so got put off a fwd truck.

It was a shame as saw a nice red movano , 10k on a 2009 reg with 15k miles. ally body and built in tool box. would have been perfect.


Its too new to say but if i am honest its not quite as a effortless drive as a new transit, but that might be that it needs to lossen up a bit first.


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