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Czlowiek Drzewo

Our damaged bodies....

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Thought i would start a thread on physical ailments caused by working with trees.


List injuries and physical problems caused by tree work.


I'll start - I have bad problems with both hands and sometimes i struggle to open a jar of jam. I think this is overuse is climbing and the inflammation can take days to repair.


I also have hip problems from spiking trees and have developed a dominent right leg. My left foot is also goofy and need to stretch often to keep it in check.


Only 29!.


I do kettlebells and stretching usually 4 times a week tp strengthen week areas etc.


Would like to see if these are common probs

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My right arm is twice the size it should be from using an 020 one handed.

My left arm is twice the length from cutting and chucking,

I walk with a limp from years climbing on spikes.

Im bent double until at least 11am with a bad back.


On the plus side I have been offered the role of Quasimodo in the new film The Bells Of Notredame :lol:

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My mother says i get LOUDER every year and people are forever telling me to stop shouting...i have little or no sensation in my finger tips,i have snapped many keys and a few door handles...

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Screw it I don't care what my body feels like anymore, can't feel it anyway.


Only live once and only in this body once, so I abuse it and take it for a mega ride I don't want to be sitting in a home thinking that I've got years left in me, I want to be able to sit there look out a window and think that I have had the best time ever.


When I worry about what is going on in my body is the day I will stop tree work as I will realise how dangerouse and stupid it is and I should give it up and work in an office......









Yeah right.

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Shoulders are going with all the cutting and holding


Knees are going with all the crotch jamming


Back is going with lifting logs


Hearing is going with all the noisy tackle


My neck hurts most of the time with stress


I get dehydrated a lot so come home with headaches


My hands stiffen up at night and the little joints in my fingers hurt


I get tennis elbow regularly


Sometimes my hip hurts quite bad


I pull muscles in my back regularly


While I'm having a whine I,ll just throw in that I do twice as many hours as normal working people, for probably the same pay and pay the same tax with half the benefits

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I carry a hip problem too thought it was from having the saw hanging on one side not spiking. Also packing the statutory lower back problems. And a bad knee.

Stretching daily is a major help although a lot of time I can't be arsed

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Staeting from the top and working down.


Some teeth smashed from dead elm top.


Neck hurts


One shoulder knackered


Tennis elbow and golf elbow


Loose,broken bone in one elbow


Fractured wrist at the moment


Whitefinger and sore joints


Two broken vertabrae..separate incidents


Aching back most of the time


One knee giving way on a regular basis


An ankle that hurts at times.


Like the walking dead from a lifetime with trees:001_smile:

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