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New Zealand

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Fire wood im not sure about all i know thats its sells really well.


That's encouraging if there's a steady market that's been going for a while. If there was a shortage of producers, I'd love to get out there and start a business like that, or help someone else. (I'm sure the lifestyle's much better - there's too much greed in the UK now.) Having said that, there's no point going half way round the world just to pinch another bloke's job.

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The main traing providers are a couple of uni's or collages ,thing is their certs are not reconized out side nz or aus.I was on a 3year NZQA/lantra national certificate which is part time with block coarses.The company i worked for had accredited trainers so alot of certs/tickets were done in house.If you were unfortunate to not have in house trainers then it would be quite difficult.I found the whole thing very disorganized as certified arboriculture is still quite new in nz.We don't have NPTC or really anything like it,and to be honest i dont think you need it.I have found the whole NPTC thing money making scheme,as i thought it would be alot harder to get the tickets when in reality it was a breeze.

If you work for a big company like my old one Treescape or Asplundh then the consultancy work is there,and there plenty for the local authorities.

Any tickets or certs you have from here should swap right over to our system with no problems,which is more then can be said for coming over this way.(yes im sour about having to fork out £ to resit stuff i already new).

Hope thats gives you a bit of insite.

Mr mike hill as far as im aware workers in the big smoke or JAFA town as ppl call it do get paid alot more then anywhere else in nz.I think working for a massive company with a huge turnover helps with the wage aswell.With a bit of overtime each week i was earning over a grand,And i wasnt on top dollar either.The consultants or liason above us were acutally geting paid less but obivously were getting a decent package out of it.I think.because i was doing alot of utility work on a big new contract they could afford to pay more.


Yes house prices are crazy in nz and thats the reason why we are here as we couldn't get a morgage there,but we pretty much came into the same situation over here and its very hard to save pounds with the cost of living here.Dam i dont even do much ,i work and i surf.IF i have enough petrol in my car to get to the waves then thats my out goings.Cheap lifestyle i suppose it has to be living here.


I think if the oprtunity comes up to go i say go,cause ya just never know whats around the corner and you don't wana spend ya life thinking ''what if?''#


Thats my speil


Thanks alot NZ Paul... all makes for interesting reading. Do you know the names of the training colleges and Uni's?

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Thought I'd add some of my findings so far...


NZ Arb Association - http://nzarbor.org.nz/


Otago Poly Arb Courses - http://www.otagopolytechnic.ac.nz/index.php?id=175&PID=NAT%20AR4


Waikato Institute of Technology Arb Courses - http://www.wintec.ac.nz/index.asp?pageID=2145825425


As NZ Paul said, there is loads of links etc on the NZQA Website.

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hey nz paul welcome,


from what ive learnt living and working here is that everyone is friendly(except the odd one) and helpfull and esay going,

also being on arbtalk that i think the trees are just the same size in the uk and here,espcially chch lots of big elms etc and uk natives.

most of the take downs we do most people want fire no matter what kinda wood it is because most houses dont have insulation.so lots of firewood guys.


Also you can have 4 seasons in one day,but its still not right having xmas in the middle of summer!!!!!

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haha thats fuuny about xmas in summer,im the other way i wana be in my shorts having a barbie and beers and the cold at christmas dosen't seem right to me.true about the'' 4 seasons in one day.''crowded house.

John yes its not bad my wifes christmas present which im pretty happy about.hopefully get out to day for a wave,have to see what happens

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