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easy-lift guy

Means and Methods of Protecting Your Kit from Theft

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Since I have been a member of ArbTalk I have met and made many new friends. Other than the fact that we're all working in the same industry. One sad thing that we all have in common is stolen kit or larger equipment (including vehicles, chippers, stump grinders). After reviewing many posts of stolen equipment, going back as far as 2009, I've decided to put together a list of companies that manufacture and sell anti-theft devices. Many members have tried with various degrees of success most (if not all) of the products listed. Sometimes I wonder if the criminals are also testing and evaluating the success of these products as well? I believe a group as large as the membership of Arbtalk can and should work together seeking multiple solutions to this ongoing problem.


For example: (to quote Jammy Dodger and Les Cork)


If the forum could do a deal with Go Tek or a similar company to loan or donate a couple to use in exchange for a small advert on here. We could use them in theft hot spots.


If the system started to work then stickers warning that this vehicle or machine could be fitted with a tracker in association with Go tek and Arbtalk could be produced and sold for £2.50 each. If every member bought 4 stickers then 10 % of members would have a tracker on a 2 month rotation, that's 1000 trackers waiting to be stolen in hidden pieces of property


It wouldn't take long before it paid off and somebody got caught and with the eyes of 10,000 members of ArbTalk watching I'm sure plod would find the guts to do more than just tell the thieves off.


After a year a sticker with the amount of recovered items and prosicutions could be produced as a further deterrent.”




I agree it is unacceptable that these thefts continue and have asked several times why the main manufacturer's don't start a national register which would be linked to an international register of all machines with a stamped code including area code details put onto the main chassis at time of sale. This is not a hard thing to do, it would mean that any machine outside it's area would alert the register and if all specialist dealers joined only spare parts would be sold to bona fida machines from bona fida dealers. This would mean that keeping a nicked machine going would be a problem and reduce the appeal, the risk of being caught would be greater and any machine out of it's area would be reported to police unless the user could show ID.


Now anyone interested to lobby Stihl, Husky, all chipper companies, stump grinder mfg's to put this in place. it would mean brand stamping, and again all dealers uploading the sale details to the mfg company concerned, this database itself would pay for the exercise as they could use the info to market new products.


Of course this would mean that any machine tampered with was dodgy and any dealer caught supplying parts for a machine without a registration would lose their dealership.


I work in the industry for Blount [Oregon] supplying dealers throughout the UK and i can tell you that they are fed up being robbed too and would welcome this move.


If the machines go abroad then the same applies, this would give the thieves something to think about. It's not a solution but it would cause any would be buyer to consider that they might get caught and their machine reported to the Police.”

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Some helpful info on Theft Prevention Devices. Simply a collection of info I collected from other posts here on ArbTalk.


IMMOBILISE – Micro dot tracking. Technology supported by police. Reduction in insurance? More Pros than Cons. Assistance from police?


Immobilise :: The National Property Register, for phones, gadgets, bikes & more...

Home - The National Plant & Equipment Register


BULL DOG EURO CLAMP WHEEL LOCK – for towable equipment Bulldog Security Products - Securing Your World


MOBILE TRACKING APPS for SMART PHONES – Traakit, Teltonika, Minorplanet Tracking Systems

trackitnow - ideas in motion

teltonika.it - tel tonika Resources and Information.

Ctrack | Vehicle Tracking

GoTek 8 — Mini GPS System

Home | Mini GPS Live Tracking System - GoTEK7


BABY MONITOR – Low cost, trip line alarm. Range of device very important. *available everywhere


CLEVELAND SITE SAFE – For safely storing items

Secure storage for tools, fuel and equipment. Cleveland Sitesafe have a comprehensive range of steel security anmd vandal resistant products.


LOCKING BRAKE CLUTCH PEDAL – Adrenalin 4x4. car lock, Anti-theft brake clutch locking, security device for vehicles


SECURITY STICKERS – Minor deterrent?




NATIONAL REGISTER – Hilti has one. Others may follow.


GSM WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEMS – GSM Alarms, GSM Alarm System, GSM Home Alarm, GSM SMS Alarm


THE SNITCHER – Track you bike guard (data tool snitcher) DATATOOL


CESAR – Construction Equipment Security And Registration

CESAR - Construction Equipment Security And Registration




NOGO SECURITY NUTS – Security Screws | Security Fasteners | Tamper Resistant & Anti Vandal Fasteners UK


DISK LOK – Disklok UK | Car Steering Lock, Car Security, Full Lock


CARNETICS – Manage your fleet vehicles and valuable business assets using Carnetics online tracking Various tracking devices


REAR HATCH CAMERA – Available at auto parts stores


SMART WATER – SmartWater - Forensic Security and Consultancy


ETCHING KITS – Domain name registration & web hosting from 123-reg :: Selectamark Security Systems Limited ::


TRAILER HITCH LOCKS – hitch locks Home Page: Property: hitch lock hitch locks many other retailers

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Some sound advice in preventing theft...


Do not hide keys for your truck or your kit. People are constantly watching for opportunities to steal. Always keep your keys with you. Always keep your kit and other items as secure as you can. “Leaving any kit on job site is not acceptable. No excuses will ever make up for lost or stolen kit” No exceptions.


Establish a company protocol for use and storage of all equipment. Make sure that everything that is used is turned in at the end of the work day and secured for the night.


Never buy any kit from an unknown seller without proof of purchase or ownership. No exceptions.


Thieves realize and understand that people are creatures of habit. I suggest breaking up your normal daily routine by leaving earlier or later to and from you place of work or where you store your equipment. This may not be easy but it will keep the thieves wondering what your actual schedule is. Also consider changing routes to and from jobs as well.


Shop around for insurance and make sure your policy (at a bare minimum) provides replacement cost for stolen items. Get at least three quotes.


Keeping track of various items available on auction sites is important. If an item is recognized as belonging to someone else, contact the authorities immediately to try to recover said items. Remember, items should never be purchased online unless proof of ownership is provided.


When traveling in areas for work that you are unfamiliar with, take additional care and make sure your groundies know what to do at traffic light intersections or other circumstances where people may approach your truck and equipment.


“The watchers must in turn be watched”

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Thoughts on the role of Law Enforcement and the Police...


During the course of reviewing many posts, I must say with regret that the degree of apathy of law enforcement reported by posters was consistently very high with little or no sympathy for the victims of the crimes being committed. Although I am not from the United Kingdom I am sure to an extent this type of behavior exists everywhere to one degree or another. That being said, with a membership as large as ArbTalk, I believe it is necessary to immediately make a concerted and coordinated effort with all local authorities to better coordinate and apprehend these criminals. I have been told on more than one occasion that the laws in the UK protect criminals more than citizens and victims of crime. I believe to a point that may appear to be true. Here in the states as well in most western countries there is strength in numbers and when local issues become too much for the citizens to bare it is up to the citizens to make changes in laws by electing officials ready willing and able to make a difference. Sometimes these differences are made by ordinary people performing extraordinary tasks on behalf of their fellow citizens. It works that way here in the states. I know it can work that way in the UK as well.


In conclusion, I wish to thank the members of ArbTalk for the opportunity to express my opinions and suggestions regarding this topic of discussion. I do believe in the future there will be better means of protecting one's kit and equipment and with a concerted effort the membership of ArbTalk I am convinced this will become a reality.


All the best.


easy-lift guy

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Dave D   

it looks like youve put alot of effort into doing this thread, very commendable. hopefully it will not only prove useful to individuals but also to broaden the prospects of reducing the amount of thefts and raising the awareness to many. great idea elg.

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I think you're onto the right thing with a lot of the things in your thread ELG but until we have the same sort of laws regrarding firearms and the protection of your property that you lads have in the US, i think there will be more threads about stolen gear.


Ps I know what it is like to have kit and a vehicle stolen or broken into and have not particularly enjoyed either experience.


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Penfold out of all the research that was done I must note that I never read a report of any armed robberies taking place for stolen kit, etc. That being said I believe that a number of members are pretty good hunters and could adjust abilities if need be to protect life/property if need be. The laws within the UK are a different matter and I would be better served to leave any comments for my fellow members to bloviate about. As a group, Members of ArbTalk have the most to gain and at the same time loose. A concerted effort with regular follow up is very important to stay sharp and alert and never let your guard down, the Jackals know weakness and will exploit any opportunity given. Good hunting!


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Easy - lift guy thank you for the time and effort put into the above means and methods, I think you are correct in identifying a lack of coordinated effort on our, the owner / supplier side, and sadly the apparent lack of response and support from ‘the law’. It would be good if this kick starts a few owner – supplier into national action, my understanding in simple terms is that anything that makes the item harder and longer to steal is a step in the right direction, the ability to I D the machine and be able to check on a register and also devices that enable the machine to be tracked, I also understand that our uk police have the ability only to track 1 of the commercial devices fitted , making a bit of a monopoly for the co. again thanks for you postings lets hope it sets the seed of better security, cheers

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