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Lee Winger

Method statements and on site risk assesments

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Does anyone have an example they can show us, I will post an example of both tomorrow..


Can anyone tell me what the difference between the two are? imo they both seem to be the same thing, or at least Ifeel i'm going over the same BS....:smokin:

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Mr Ed   

Not the same thing at all.

A method statement is a written down way of saying exactly what tasks you are undertaking, and how you will go about doing them

A risk assesment analyses the risks involved, and lays aout how you will mitigate or reduce those risks.


My Method statements tend to be written individually for each contract, whereas my risk assesments are usually generic tick boxes.

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The Method statement as I understand it describe how you are going to carry out the work to be done.


The risk Assesment lists the risks and their severity , control measures and and wether or not its safe to continue.


Thats my understanding of them, but I wait to be corrected

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I agree, both are different to a degree, but surely they could be combined, imo you're spending valuable time going over and over the same stuff ie hazards, control etc etc


Method statements i agree are documents relating to how you plan on undertaking a job , but you should still include risks and control..


Here are some examples of HSE risk assesments, if you have more than 3 brain cells you may well cry lol..



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If Risk Assement confuduls you the AA have the best packge with CD rom and full proforma sheets to work from. They also do a good one day cousre with a LANTRA cert. For a risk assement that is tailor made to fit you and your bussiness you need to empoly some one... ummm I wound who ;-)

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You can have two types of risk assessment- generic and on-site specific.

An example of a generic would be say; Felling a Medium Tree (specific to a task). You would then grade the risk on a scale (tree falling on by-stander, etc.), work out the control measures (adequate training- CS32, etc.) and then work out whether the control measures reduce the risk enough.

The on-site specific would be more like the method statement- what are the local hazards- road bordering site or slippery terrain, etc. and how to deal with these risks- the method statement part.

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