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Lack of Moral Fibre/Common Decency

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Last week I had 2 lads start work for me.


They arrived on Sunday and I picked them up at the airport. At this time, I gave them 50% of their airfares as agreed.


I installed them in a rented flat and explained the rent due to me at the end of week 1 and this accomodation was temporary (a week-or-so) as it was promissed to another employee who had returned to the UK just for Xmas and New Year, and that they would have to sort themselves out more permanent accomodation.


Monday and Tuesday, they worked well dismantling Palms and asssisting with the JCB, all looked promissing as they seemed to have a good work ethic. On the strength of this, I loaned them my car so they could get about and flat-hunt more easily. I also decided to pay them their daily rate at the end of every day, rather than at the end of the week due to them not being able to get to a bank to change Pounds to Euros.


Wednesday showed up climbing inexperience when a simple Pine dismantle and 3 Cypress top-outs took all day - a lot longer than I would have anticipated, but I was aware that they may be demonstrating their conscientiosness. And was confident that the next day of this 2-day job would go better, even though one of the lads called that night to say the other one was thinking he may have made a mistake and may be looking for a flight home.


Thursday morning I woke up to a voicemail message from them saying they were both leaving for the UK, and that I'll find my car, with apartment keys, in the village square! No further explanation was given for the sudden and unexpected departure.


This left a job 1/2 done, and me having to eplain to the client why it wasn't going to be completed that day. My flat was left in the state that I had to spend 1 1/2 hrs. cleaning it, and I recently learned that my car was being 'rallied' around the village (which may explain the dent and paint transfer on the wing)


They left owing a guy in the village money they had borrowed and me 3 day's rent.


I will not name names in this forum, you know who you are, and it is my opinion that if you continue like this, especially so soon after leaving college, your Arb careers will be short-lived.


I would welcome any and all comments from ArbTalkers, particularly in regard to how I could have treated these individuals any better.

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By the sounds of it mate, I think you treated them better than alright. Are they members on here?

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personally thet sound like a pair of half baked wannabe tree surgeons , clearlt bit of more than they could chew , sadly they didnt have the guts to come and explain this to your face . have you got any staff sorted yet ?


That's the point, they weren't men-enough to talk to me, hence the title of this post.


Got one of my regular guys coming back tomorrow and one or two more from here over the next 5 days. Let's hope these ones are 'full-baked':biggrin:

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I feel your pain!!


Unfortunately I'm not surprised by your experience, I have had far more poor, disappointing experiences with staff than good ones.


People don't seem to have any loyalty or professional pride any more.


If things weren't working out they should have spoken too you and finished the job in hand, very poor show, IMHO.

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welcome to employing subbies,,mate,,for every good one theres three that take the p..s,,, at least they didnt nick anything,,,,good luck with new ones,,,

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I can understand young lads getting cold feet, i have had it before when i left home for the first time. I stuck it for 5 weeks, hated every minute of it, i was too scared to speak to the boss. I waited till the Friday, got my wages and went home and then called him, i was just too nervous to talk to him, i was 19 at the time. BUT i never owed any money, left anyone in the lurch or damaged anything. This is obviously 1 side of a story so i will not pass comment.

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