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Pete Mctree

Modifying chainsaws

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That looks like Dennis 'fetch me a stool' Cahoon's 500cc honda. Al would know.
No that's not D.C.'s Honda but I think it is some other guy's on the west coast.


I had forgot that you folks are under a kind watchdog thing concerning saws,engines etc.That kind of sucks.We on this side of the lake can put a Huey helecopter engine on a saw if we so choose to,which of course is an exageration.


We of course like the rest of world are not supposed to alter the anti pollution equipment on automobiles etc.Then again,discreation is the better part of valor,or so said the bard of the Avon.;)

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can they be done legally though, emmisions and all?


When was the last time you took your chainsaw for its MOT? I believe it is the same situation for Bull bars fitted to cars. They are not allowed to fit them at the factory but aftermarket, even OEM products are fine provided the vehicles comply with EU regulations when they are initially built. The fact is that so few people (most saws are owned by homeowners) will ever bother to modify their saw that the extra emissions would be inconsequential anyway. Jonathan


P.S opening the exhaust port on your saw may initially produce more power however reliability will probably be compromised. Small 2 stroke engines require Back pressure or exhaust resonance to function correctly. Matching the back pressure of the exhaust to the carb and fueling system fitted takes a lot of trial and error. Besides, if you dont dyno a modified engine then proving it is any better is difficult. A sharp chain will make 10x as much difference to cutting speed that an engine that produces 0.3 more horsepower. One other problem is heat, a modern saw usually runs very hot which is how they are supposed run. However increasing the horsepower almost always leads to an increase in heat. effectively cooling a modified non water cooled engine is difficult, especially if it has to fit into a small plastic box and airflow is not created by movement of the engine i.e a motorbike or Radio control plane. Read some RC car or Plane forums as they are always looking to produce more horsepower from a small two stroke and alot of the guys doing it are very experienced.

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Anyone can mod a chainsaw, but the consiquences have to be looked at i.e change in emissons, voiding any warranty's, changing vibration figures and changing chain speeds.


People are not always aware of the fact that changing the chain speed could mean that all that expensive PPE that your wearing would probably be pretty useless in an accident.

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