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Arbtalk in the press

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Good to see the page realating to Arbtalk discussions in World of Trees and the fact they say it will be a regular feature.


Must be nice to see your hard work paying off, hope it helps the site progress.


Nice one Steve :icon14:

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bi-monthly. its pretty much down to what we submit to them. with an emphasis on unanswered questions. ie the debate "can we run our mog on red" goes on and on, and everyone has a different answer......totalarb will endeavour to get a definitive answer on topics such as these on our behalf

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cheers rich, and thanks to world of trees(total arb)


if theres anything people would like to see discussed in the magazine we are fairly open as to what can be put forward.


Did 'A' or 'C' for climbing get a difinitive answer?


Insurance dilema with su-contractors?

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how about


"is it the responsability of membership organisations like ISA and the AA to educate joe public to know the professionals from the cowboys"


promotion is down to all of those within the tree care industry


bodies are only as good as those supporting them

trees need roots yet there efforts are often un sung


the problem is defining 'bad tree practice'



aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder


dangerous practice however is the role of the HSE

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I watched a Tree Surgeon the other day, this chap has been in the job a long time.


He was climbing a Tree 100ft away from me, so I stopped work to observe, as I had priced the job he was doing.


I was shocked at what I saw, I always thought this guy was supposed to know what he was doing.


He had a very low anchor point and branched walked with his line at 90 degress wobbling along the branch as he went. There was some cracking anchor point high in the tree.


He more or less just let go of the saw after a cut putting strain on his chainsaw lanyard.


He just dropped branches onto the lawn and flags below with no control whatsoever.


His pruning cuts were wrong


Now some say it's easy to be critical of other Tree Surgeons, but there should be at least a minimum of work standards after so long in the tree care industry for god sake.


We are talking probably 20 years?? If a Guy doesn't know what hes doing after so long, or should I say doesn't care what he's doing, how can we expect them to educate the punters?


I did a job yesterday invovling shaping and trimming a large Lawson Cyprus, trimming a conifer hedge and trimming a laurel hedge.


The guy told me 6 or 7 times he couldn't believe what a good job I'd done and how chuffed he was.


All I did was do the job to the standard expected of a professional service and to the standard expected of someone with every day experience of doing such work. Not a lot to ask.


This Tree Surgeon I know quite well and I know he is very expensive, the only problem is, if you are expensive, then the customer should expect a high standard of workmanship. The problem is, there are so many, how can I put it, wham bam thankyou mam, guys out there that charge the earth, go in do the job in half an hour and don't tidy up after.


Half the reason I am reasonably busy, is I try to provide a high standard of workmanship, even if the job runs over, no words are needed to educate the customer. The recommendations are then forthcoming.

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