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It's time to wake up - and switch to Aspen Fuel

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Aspen contains less than 0.01% of benzene


Ordinary pump fuel contains over 1% of Benzene - which is carcinogenic!


In Sweden, Norway, France, Germany alkylate petrol is sold in millions of litres. In Holland the use of normal pump fuel in petrol driven hand held machinery is now against the law.




Please read this hse document regading benzene exposure limits and if you are still stupid enough to using ordinary pump fuel in your chainsaw, think again!




Your employer has a duty of care - please point them to this important document if you aren't using an alkylate petrol in your petrol hand held machinery.


If you don't use Aspen at least wear a mask and gloves when using ordinary pump fuel, it may just save your life...:huh:

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ta very much mate, i wiz struglin way the puter there fur a minit, cheers fur that, i didny no if it wiz me or the other guys mistake, ta ta fur the noo batman:thumbup:

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Shock tactic breaking news threads like this are unhelpful. Benzenes carcinogenicity is well documented - nothing new. The WHO (world health organisation) lists well researched benzene LD figures for fuel station workers and customers and yes when fuelling with gasoline, users are exposed to roughly 100,000 times the safe recommended level of C6H6. Benzene was added to gasoline after the withdrawal of TEL (lead) and is now almost entirely replaced by oxygenates such as MTBE (methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether).

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Was a bit rude at the end!

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Some more info, seems MTBE's are now replaced at the pump with alkylates anyway, dunno if this applies in the UK, but the States now incorporate it at manufacture Next round of gas hikes won?t be due to oil - Oil & energy- msnbc.com if this is the case, why buy Aspen?

PS This isnt meant as a dig at Aspen, and if Aspen fuels care to inform us further, I welcome this.:001_smile:

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Apologies for the shock tactics - our intention isn't to insult anyone that is not using alkylate fuel - but we do find it increasingly frustrating that professional users are not being told about the dangers of emssions.


It may not be new to some but it was certainly new to the hundreds of arborists we spoke to at the Arb Association show last week.


It is reality for those who spend eight hours a day with their nose inches away from these harmful emissions.


And it's not just benzene - chainsaws have inefficent 2 stroke engines with no catalytic convertors - often 20% of the fuel is left unburnt. Unburnt petrol contains aromatic hydrocarbons which are also a danger to our health; such as toulene and xylene.


We are a long way behind the rest of Europe. In Holland a law was passed last year that makes it obligatory to use an alkylate petrol in hand held petrol machinery.


We would welcome other alkylate petrols entering the UK market, likes Stihl's MotoMix and Cleanlife - we could then lobby local government to reduce the excise duty on alkylate petrol and pass that on to the end user.

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