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Anyone had problems with Skyland's???


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4 minutes ago, Conor Wright said:

What an utter knobjockey you come across as.

Get your things delivered to your home like everyone else, stop being the embodiment of an entitled prick,stop dragging down reputable companies, go back to work, do your job and stop wasting taxpayers money. Simple.





So eloquently put !!😂

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Well bugger me sideways! If you have a problem with a suppler ring them, if it can be sorted great if not ask to cancel the order.

In the mean time climb down off your high horse it might make it easier to find the phone. 
P.s they may be able to hear you better over the phone if you take your keyboard hero mask off!

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Ok that's a lot of information to digest but I will do my best to clear up some issues and concerns.


I knew nothing about the potential problem with delivery until the order was placed which requires a payment to be made so I cant really do anything about the situation unless I know before hand. Missing parcels are an absolute nightmare, the customer is upset which is entirely understandable and it sucks up a lot of time with emails back and forth, phone calls back and forth and numerous amounts of time sometimes hours wasted on the phone on hold with couriers. The end result is usually us being well out of pocket which is why we try to avoid or should I say reduce the chances of it happening in the first place. We would have used royal mail in this instance and we would have requested a signature on delivery but there is no way I could guarantee that the courier would only give the parcel to the stores department as I have no clue on the layout and operations of the hospital. For all I know the courier would just hand it into reception. TBH since it was a business address if the parcel had gone missing as in someone took the parcel but didn't pass it on to your department but it had been signed for you probably wouldn't have received any kind of refund from PayPal which would not have been a good scenario for either of us. 


I thought that it would be best to send it to a residential or an alternative address as per your previous order since it seems that you have had a lot of issues with items being misplaced and stolen at the Hospital address, I understand that it might not be ideal but it would have been a better option IMO given the circumstances.


Once a parcel has left our premises we have basically zero control of what happens after that. Ive tried to stop parcels that have been purchased with a stolen card, shipped out to an old address where the customer forgot to update their information or just plainly provided an undeliverable location (bad postcode etc) usually with poor results that end up costing us. We use reputable couriers but every courier has issues at some stage, you should see the grief that we have had over the last two years with missing parcels, parcels left outside our shop on Sundays parcels delivered to other dealers and other endless issues all sent by big manufactures using all big name couriers. As I said earlier its a nightmare we can all do without.


I hope that I have covered the main issues and I hope that I haven't caused an offence as the last thing I or anyone wants is to loose business. I have processed a refund for your order as requested but the way that ebay integrates to our web store isn't great (ebay issues not our web store) so if there are any issues please don't hesitate to contact me, or start a new thread as it is great advertising. :) 


JK BTW I hope that you manage to source your item without any issues.


Thanks to all for your kind words, we all cock up from time to time but we do try our best to resolve any issues.






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21 hours ago, Moose McAlpine said:


The problem is at your end, not theirs. If you have special delivery requirements you should've contacted them first. As others have said, they cannot guarantee the actions of the courier company. It's not in anyone's interest for items to not be delivered.


This thread further confirms what most members here think of you.

Yup! I’d go with 🛎🔚 too! 🤠

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Jesus christ.


8 pages of shite because a delivery could be done for x y and z.




Welcome to the world.  If its so very important, go buy it yourself.


Otherwise, get to aldi, use one of the self checkout, post a video on YouTube.


You would likely make millions.


Your a ****************ing moron pal.

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