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New Lawnmower has leaked oil and has creamy thick residue in foam filter...

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I bought a new petrol mower and it is DOA.  The first strange thing is that it had some oil in, but was meant to be sent empty.  I mention that just in case it gives any clues...


I haven't put oil or fuel in yet.  I gave the pull cord a gentle pull and it only comes out around 10cm.  That led me to look beneath the machine and the blade is very stiff.  It needs a lot of force to rotate it...  


What can be wrong?  

Does it sound fixable?  

And where do I start in diagnosing / fixing it if so?  


If anyone knows, I'm sure some of you folk will :)  


Many thanks

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  • carbs for arbs changed the title to Lawnmower repair - very stiff blade won't rotate / is stuck

Note to self...: Read the basic 101 about small engines.

I'm blushing as I write this... I had not connected the throttle cable, handle etc, and was trying to move the blade/pull the cord like that. It then suddenly dawned on me what a [email protected]  I was being!

I was going to try to delete the thread, but then thought best to 'fess up. You never know, someone else might be in the same boat one day. Although I'm not sure anyone else would be so stupid!

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Yep, and brain tested = cross / ett err (family fortunes noise).  


Off topic - seeing as the machine strangely had a little oil in it, I thought I would check the air filter...  It's clean (looking) but clogged with a thick creamy kind of oily paste.  Any ideas?  

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Doesn't sound good. Being a 4 stroke I think the crankcase will be vented to the air intake somewhere so it's possible the oil has made its way up to the filter during transit. You'll know if it cuts out as soon as warms up and smokes like mad but I would have thought the supplier should send a new air filter really.

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  • carbs for arbs changed the title to New Lawnmower has leaked oil and has creamy thick residue in foam filter...

Thanks.  I'll see about getting a new air filter.  I've given the existing one a good clean, but the oily creamy goo just kept coming (ooh err etc).  It's pretty good now but I'll see about getting one anyway.  


Where else should I check the machine for oil being were it shouldn't be?  In layman's terms please (see first post!!)


Thanks again


PS - I've amended the title to steer the thread away from my initial idiocy and onto the newer issues...

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As above, some motors (motorcross bikes for example) have oil soaked air filters.


a little oil in the machine could be due to the mower being tested before shipped, I’d guess a quick drain wouldn’t drain all the oil

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