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Smokeless fire pits


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Anyone have any experience of the new style smokeless fire pits, such as those made by solo stoves ?  They look smart and if they work as described would be good, but they aren’t cheap. Just wondering if anyone had any real life experience with them, and if they are as smokeless as they reckon to be. 

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Yep, they are excellent. Little bit of smoke until it starts doing its thing (gasification I think they call it), then hardly any smoke at all. I've only used genuine solo stove ones, but Chinese knock off ones are an awful lot cheaper, and some look identical. 

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They are advertising something that looks very much like its been made out of a washing machine drum .
You mean something like this pile of shite I spotted on done deal (ireland) last night.
40 quid in time dismantling, 20 quid fuel to take rest of shite to tip, leaves 5 quid profit and hope you don't get beaten down on the price for this elegant piece of art.Screenshot_20220622-210908_DoneDeal.jpeg
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I made one of these back in 2008, from an abandoned washing machine in an overgrown garden around the back of the house I was renting with two other lads. I took the inner drum out of the outer one, flipped it over, and slotted the axel back into the slot, making it twice the height, and still able to spin. I've just been trying to find an old file of photos, but no luck so far. I'll update if I ever find it.

We used it for a summer before moving out of the house, it worked great. The best part was kicking it around and around to build up speed, and a shower of sparks would fly out of the drainage holes. It was great fun when you were pissed.

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Retired climber, thanks for the reply. With it being double skinned stainless, do they radiate much heat out the sides, or is it upwards all the heat goes ie do they heat your lower legs and feet much if you are sat around them ? 

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