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Sany diggers? 2.6t


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Has anyone had any experience with the Sany diggers at all?


Are they any good or best to stick to main stream? Looking at the 2.6t range currently and don't look a bad thing.... enough aux to run a grab and rotator standard. 82lpm hyd flow and 42.5 lpm at either aux.


Suitable for a flail etc? 


Or is it just Chinese and arse drop out on resale?


I'm not a heavy user and it's a lot of money but 2nd hand arnt looking all that appealing! 


5 year warranty too!

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28 minutes ago, Ian C said:

I take it there Chinese? if so think hard about it, I won't buy chinky plant ever again.

I think they're Chinese.... not fully looked into ins and outs yet. Nice yanmar engine. They seem to be getting more popular

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They do get good reviews from owners. Spec looks tidy. Still Chinese though. I wouldn't say 42l a minute was enough to run a flail without fitting a priority valve- but that goes for all the 2.5-2.7t machines I've tried.


What did you run, @Ian C?

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Consider the resale value.
You may pay a lot more for a decent make but it will make the extra back plus a bit when you do eventually sell it.
I personally wouldn't touch a chinky digger, inferior quality steel imo.

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2 minutes ago, josharb87 said:

Out of interest, what country’s should a machine come from?


In order of preference.





US (in spite of the stupid screw threads)

After that it’s pot luck.


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Nice machines overall I was torn but at the time the price was only 2-3k different from a mainstream brand. The 2.6 t machine just wasn’t finished as well is the other Sanys on offer at the time. 
worth considering now especially they have upped the warrenty included. 

dean and the guys at global have always been good with me in the past but I went for a yanmar sv26 in the end just because of being a mainstream brand and the package offer from local dealer wasn’t much different in the end. The yanmar can’t run a flail so far that’s the only compromise we made.  The yanmar is excellent and surprises us and others what it can handle. 

the eurocomach look like a good option to look at but at the time where not available. 





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We run one as a hire machine, good feedback so far, runs a 900mm flail resonably happily (slew to cut only) 

double proportional lines makes fitting of most attachments pretty straight forward, you can also have up to 8 pre set flows for each joystick, usefull for when switching between the flail (100%) and the grab and rotator (45 and 15% ish) gives you plenty of control. 


Only had it since christmas so can't speak on reliability yet 

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