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How would you tackle this job

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Just cut at 12ft and say misheard if any complaints.in and out in a day and easier to managed in the future .

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On 09/01/2022 at 19:42, Tommygunn1992 said:

This week I was put on a large hedge reduction (pictures below) and I was wondering how you might have tackled this job. 


This was not my job, I was asked to top the hedge and at first I could get inside the hedge and stand on the previous cuts to take the height down while the lads on the ground reduced what they could reach with a short and long reach hedger.


Once we got to the next section there was nowhere to stand inside the hedge and we did not have a mewp to hand, I ended up having to climb a ladder leant into the hedge and top with a silky which was not particularly safe or productive, we then ended up siding the hedge from the ladder where it couldn't be reached from the ground. We were given three days to complete this job.


I saw many better options such as narrow access tracked mewp, take the fence down to access with mewp or worst case scenario work from a scaff tower with a polesaw and long reach. On the final day we were able to top from the field behind using a mewp, but side up our side from ladder.


So what would you do and how long would you quote for this job?



id probably just run away
additional: thats about 120 foot for the first length (left hand side) and about 300 foot the long length. so about 140 yards of hedge.

thats a lot.

and for a lot of it either dodgy leaning ladder work or even more dodgy clambering from trunk to trunk.



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14 hours ago, Mark Bolam said:

I think I’ve fallen in love with you Conor.

Im flattered.I usually only have that effect on the ladies, but hey, the times they are a changin' 


My terms are;

 I'm on top

I'm in charge

No eye contact

Hundred quid for the first 10 mins and 15 quid a minute thereafter

No kissing

No questions

No evenings

No weekends

And I don't take loads home with me.


That's for the conny bashing obviously, get yer mind out of the gutter!

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On 11/01/2022 at 14:06, Conor Wright said:

I think I've tried everything (except explosives...hmm) to make conifer hedge reductions easier. Mewps, extended arm on the little digger with circular saw/fingerbar/grab attached, various ladders, man basket on front loader/telehandler, polesaws, climbing up the centre, using a hiab to lift off the tops, engaging the raw power of Eastern europeans and the occasional local gluten for punishment. The reality is 90% of these jobs just require a lot of heavy labour in excruciating positions.

I tried a paraffin blowtorch on one of my conifers once. That was quite quick, and completely painless....



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