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Rugged Phones

Spruce Pirate

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I'm looking for a new phone as the old one now has a missing volume button, a very clogged up mic, a semi-knackered charging connection and a cracked screen.  It's a Sumsung Galaxy one of the "Rugged" types, but technology isn't my strongest point so I'm not sure exactly which model.  I've had it about 2 1/2 or 3 years and it's done quite well, easy to use and taken abuse quite well.


Any recommendations for a new Rugged phone?  Similar to use to a Samsung Galaxy, as tough as possible.  I've looked at a few but not sure what's actually good or not.  Currently looking at a CAT S62 Pro, which seems tough, but it bloody well should be for the price!  Has anyone used one and have any likes or dislikes?  Any other recommendations?  


Links to other relevant threads that I've missed in the search function also welcome!

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15 minutes ago, harvey b davison said:

Do you actually need a rugged phone? When I was working on the building sites I just had a cheap as chips basic Nokia. Ok I could only make calls and send texts, but that's all I needed it for. So if possible I would go that route. Another bonus is I only had to charge it once a week 🤣

I kind of like being able to get emails, look at maps, etc when I'm at work.  I could get a tablet to do this as well, but then that's another thing to get, so I do like having the smartphone.  I also like being able to take it out in the wet, get it covered in sawdust, drop it in the muck and all the things that you shouldn't do to a phone so I'm thinking the rugged is probably the way to go.

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Ulephone Armor 3W. I can't recommend it enough. 


It's a brick, but that's because it was a 10,000mah battery. I am on my headset all day. I listen to either Radio4 through the internet, or various podcasts of Youtube. I spend at least an hour a day on the phone. I can never managed to drain the battery in less than 48 hours. Under normal use (ie, not on a headset/on the phone all day) you get 4 days out of it. I reckon 6 days would be possible at a push. 


It just removes all anxiety about running out of battery as even when you're on 10%, you can usually make that last the rest of the day.

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