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Ford Ranger Pickup – Any Thoughts?

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I have a 2.0 manual wildtrak on lease as my main truck and its not great as a work vehicle in my opinion.

It is comfortable,  well equipped,   and very maneuverable for its size, with great mirrors, camera and parking sensors. The bed is also a good size for a double cab.

I don't find it all that good for towing at all though, never feels stable, the gear ratios don't feel right so it feels underpowered even though it has 213hp. Then there are the problems of maneuvering a heavy trailer with a part time 4x4- either smoking the clutch in 2wd high  or lurching/skidding if you use low 4wd.

I just don't think 2litres is enough engine  for this type of vehicle,  my Dad has the same truck but a 3.2 and its much better. Its also slightly more economical as its less stressed, and I'd put money on that engine lasting much longer!

The back body also feels incredibly flimsy - the sides bow and pop when you lean over to put something in, and I had to buy a plastic top plate to protect the top of the tailgate to stop it bending.

The ride is OK, it is a pick up at the end of the day, but the brakes don't feel as good as on my 20 year old discovery!


Having said that some of the things I don't like about it are probably the same on most modern pick ups. I also think it would make a brilliant 4x4 car (with a canopy on obviously), I'd have it for that over a saloon or similar any day if that was what I needed.


I doubt I'll have another one when it goes back in 3 years, but if I want new and the reliability/warranty that comes with it, there's not many alternatives! 

Grenadier maybe, or in an ideal world I'd rebuild myself a td5 130 double cab!




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Just get a new shape Navarra and be done with it Roy. I’ve driven both extensively, Nissan takes it for me. Far more reliable mind you, heard plenty of horror story’s about the ranger

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21 hours ago, Mick Dempsey said:

I have the (2015) older 145 hp Ranger, regularly tow 3.5 tonnes, no problems.

My new 213hp Limited one arrives next month if that answers your question, auto as well but you can change manually with a button for towing.

I didn’t want the Wildtrack because of the plastic stuff round the roll bar makes carrying ladders/polesaw etc problematic.

Dunno about the roller shutter.

Thank you Mick for answering my question.

It sounds like your experience has been generally good, I guess the extra horsepower will be useful. The manual button for towing sounds useful, I guess my trailer and stump grinder weighs around 1.8 times, so it should be fine with that sort of weight.

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21 hours ago, Lowestoft Firewood said:

I have a 2018 wildtrack and it's been brilliant.


Ordered another one but with canopy this time as the roller shutter is terrible. May as well not have it the gear gets so wet. 


Couple of mates have the latest 2.2l biturbo and are getting almost 10% better fuel economy compared to my 3l and that's with all terrains too whereas I have standard tyres. 


I tow most weeks, cattle trailer, timber, digger and it tows very well. 


I actually prefer driving the ranger to the discovery 4. Yes doesn't have the same poke but rides nicer imo. 

It's great that your Wildtrack has been brilliant, I have heard of a few issues, but I guess nothing is perfect.


I thought about ordering the canopy; however, I would prefer a roller shutter. However, that's no good if it's not watertight. I guess the correct fitting may make a difference.


I believe the 3 L was quite heavy on fuel; 10% is an improvement; I'm hoping that the 2 L will be even better.


The Discovery four is a good vehicle, I'm surprised that you prefer driving the Ranger. I guess it's newer technology, which is great. I wouldn't have minded trying the Land Rover Defender from a point of view of holding its value. However, I believe that there is about a year's waiting list! I've had Defenders before, and their resale value has been fantastic.


Thank you for your input.




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21 hours ago, marne said:

Two of my collegues have one. 

Both Auto and 3.2 around 2017-2018.

While only towing occasionly, one fried it's gearbox around 90.000km. The other one blew it's engine last week around 110.000km, daily towing. 

Enough for me to steer away from them. 

That’s not good, I would probably only keep the vehicle for a couple of years to avoid any problems.


I appreciate your input.

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21 hours ago, JaySmith said:

I had a 2016 Wildtrak 3.2 manual on long term hire when my l200 was in the garage. Although the engine was bigger than the 2.5 in my l200 I didn’t notice too much of a difference in mpg. For me it had more grunt than my l200 and felt more refined. From what I’ve read the newer 2.0l is better on fuel with the 10 speed auto than the outgoing 3.2l 6 speed. Although we don’t normally by pick ups for their great mpg. I only used it to tow small trailers and get my saws and kits to site.

I had the roller shutter which was handy to store saws and climbing kits on the way to site but I wouldn’t leave anything in there overnight as it’s asking to be lifted. The load bay remained dry in the time I had it but again I would leave anything other than tools and kit on there an expect it to be bone dry. I like the roller shutters as it stops people putting their paws in there when you stop at a petrol station or traffic lights.

I would like a newer l200 but I’m concerned that I’d have issues with after sales as they are pulling out of the UK. I’m currently looking at a Limited version in the 2.0 version and from what I’ve read there is little to separate the engines. I think either one would be suitable for what you’ve outlined.

Good morning Jay,


It’s interesting that you were able to carry out a comparison between the two trucks. I much prefer the idea of a 3 L as I feel that some of these 2 L engines may not last that long. However, I would probably only keep the truck for a couple of years.


I’m hoping that with a 10-speed gearbox, the fuel economy will be reasonable. Although, as you mention, we don’t normally buy pickups for MPG.


I like the idea of the roller shutter for hiding things up. I don’t have vast amounts of tools to carry around, I can remove the tools at night.


It’s always good to have a good dealer network, it may be better to go for a truck with a good dealer network.


Thank you for your feedback.

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16 hours ago, Stihl123 said:

Have a 2018 3.2 and really like it

Awesome for towing 

Again, prefer it to tow and drive than the disco 4 


The roller shutter on mine has been waterproof for 3 years without an issue 

Only time it's gets a little water in is if I pressure washer it and a bit of water gets in between the shitter and the tailgate 

If they leak then they aren't fitted 100% correctly 

Mine did go to the garage once and they didn't connect the drains properly and it leaked

I plugged them back and absolutely perfect again 


If u want a pickup or a 4x4, you aren't going to get good mpg... Get over it 

I get around 21 but is remapped and runs 32" all terrains 

Thank you for responding to my question.


That’s great that the Ranger is good for towing. Someone else mentioned they prefer it to the Discovery 4, I’m surprised. I guess it’s newer technology.


It is interesting about the roller shutter, I have heard of people having leaks, which is annoying. I have no idea how easy they are to fit. I can understand water entering in after power washing. The main thing is that the area stays dry.


Have a good day.

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9 hours ago, Martin du Preez said:

Just get a new shape Navarra and be done with it Roy. I’ve driven both extensively, Nissan takes it for me. Far more reliable mind you, heard plenty of horror story’s about the ranger

5 year warranty too .

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I've got a 2019 2.2 Ranger Limited. I debated getting the 3.2 but I don't tow anything heavy. Probably just as well. The 2.2 doesn't feel very grunty in the midrange. Good down low but doesn't take off in the middle. On the other hand, on combined driving it's returning 40 mpg and it's very comfortable and well equiped. 

Reluctantly, I bought a double cab. Wanted a supercab for the load space but in the current crazy used market I settled for the best deal I could get. Pleasantly surprised how roomy it is in the back though. I can fit my brush cutter in and get the canopy closed. Didn't think I would. 

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