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Asian hornets

Ty Korrigan

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15 minutes ago, dan blocker said:

So the client called the pest control and you stirred them up and dispersed them into the general area before they arrived🤔. Bet they were right chuffed with that🙄

Most are not in the nest but out foraging.

Once the nest treated, the pest guy knocks it out of the tree with his injection wand and signs the area a no go for 24 hours during which time the now homeless workers disperse, presumably die of exposure and depression.

The pest guy always parks away from the tree and dresses in his neoprene suit before approaching.

It's a scene played out several times a year for us and in the future I'm sure Brit arbs will have the pleasure of dealing with them.

As gun control here is a bit looser than the U.K we've had clients or their friends shoot the nest rather than pay for pest control as not all communes finance it.

Obviously not in built up areas...


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Last Summer one pest guy couldn't reach a nest with his system so my French climber (he who got stung today) donned the neoprene suit, gloves and headgear which was really awful in 28C, unwashed smelly, heavy, sweaty and climbed to where the nest could be treated.

He almost passed out from the heat and fear that day as the hornets where bouncing off the face screen in fury.

We've far fewer this year due to the cold wet Spring in Brittany and late frosts just when the Queens came out of hibernation.

The traps we put out for them have had hardly any takers either.

Grenadine syrup and white wine mixed together in clear plastic bottles.

A down side to climbing after the nest is destroyed are the fat larvae which as so soft that they breakup on the branches as they fall leaving an unwholesome mess for a hand.

Todays nest was really very small as they so get to the size of those large paper ball Ikea lamp shades.

No other comparable scale of measurement comes to mind.


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