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5 minutes ago, drinksloe said:



There is a massive difference between paying peanuts and folk having to wear a mask!!!

£350 a day is definately NOT peanuts.


I would actually be embarrassed to ask for 600 a day just for my time, that is simply greed in my book.


Thats why prices are going throu the roof so dramatically cos folk are just takin the mick with prices.

£600 profit for a man if not mmany/tools overheads involved is too much, i hope when the bubble bursts customers remember the rip off merchants and keep using the good local lads that have kept prices the same throughout.

Not much chance of that thou.

An hours drive up to have a look and quite and an hour back again. That’s half a day busted. Not gonna get much else done that day. Then another day to do the job and if there is any complications, ie the window gets damaged it’s on the builder to make right. So I guess you could call that two days and £300 a day. You can put your panties back on now. 😁

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i never rush folks into qouting,   turn up in next 3 months and stick in a qoute to plan job for spring when warmer to cement in so when in area can qoute,   as i said the 350 is average so if right person came along and said yep can do but its 400 to allow travel and i liked them and attitude its fine.    not met a person worth 600 a day labour yet as thats silly money and just driving prices nuts

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It's a very poor rate, I pay brash draggers that can use a saw more than that. 

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