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Chainsaw storage solution ideas please!

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23 minutes ago, muttley9050 said:

Don't think you would cut much fast with that oxy map gas torch.
Pretty much the same kit I use for silver soldering lucas blade tips on

I'm sure I saw proper mini ascetalene ones as well.

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A sabre saw is also called a reciprocating saw very common 18 v tool made by all the tool manufacturers and carried by many thieves. Far smaller than disc cutter or bottles quiet and cuts most materials a disc cutter won’t including multilayers

Yup i’ve got the Dewalt Flexvolt one, with several demo and a rescue blade, it’s a great bit of kit but twice the size of a 4 1/2 disc cutter, slower through metal too. Yes it will cut through most materials but most of the thefts i hear about it’s a petrol stone saw,oxy or freezing the locks to smash them.
A fabric layer will stop most saw blades so if you wanted to you can create something multilayered.
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On 13/09/2021 at 07:54, Dbikeguy said:

Weld mesh and some box section, weld up a storage cage, make a sandwich of weldmesh, ply, weldmesh (disc cutters hate wood) multiple protected lock points (make sure bolt croppers and discs can’t access the padlocks) Days work and a few hundred quid in materials, can be custom sized to your space, shelves hooks etc.
Smokecloak or similar stops them from seeing too.
Game keeper blank shotgun triggers as a back up. Keep it looking less posh, tidy and fence off logs and chip so it’s less obvious.

Speak to your insurer and make sure you satisfy all their needs so if the worst happens they actually pay out

Making up a sandwich layer is exactly the way to go. Line your sheds and containers like this as well. Multiple layers such as mesh, steel sheet, rockwool, fibre cement sheet, plywood in fact the more the better. If you can have some air gaps and inner layers loose so they move about it will make it harder to cut🤔.
Any internal secondary cages should be solid on the outside and not mesh so that casual observers such as the postman, delivery drivers, necky scrap collectors can’t see whats inside if you’ve got the outside door open when you’ve dropped your guard.

 I know most of us do it for speed of loading/ unloading, maintenance and accounting for kit but having all your kit neatly layed out on shelves doesn’t help our cause either as they can see exactly what you’ve got and just go for the expensive stuff! Newish 880 or old Stihl Farm Boss🤔 - it won’t be the old one that still there in the morning. My main daily use saws are the 261, 442 and 150 and 261. The spare 261 and 150, 362, 660 and 880 are well hidden and a pain in the arse to dig out for loading. If it’s a pain for me then it’s a pain for the tea leaves. Any good physical security is a pain for us.

back up any hard wired alarms with cheap wireless baby/ garden shed type alarms.

just my thought on “guard” dogs - I would not expose any dog of mine (and looking at the dogs on this thread I doubt if you would) to the chance of being poisoned/ injured/ killed as she  is more valuable to me than all my saws - I can replace my saws🤔, in fact between you and me my dog is more valuable to me than the wife😳. 5 mins of her giving them ear ache they’d soon bring her back and probably apologise😳. Lots of good ideas on this thread and others in other threads.

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Reckon you're in the wrong game mate, you should be a Safe maker or a Security Consultant!
Lots of good advice there.

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Lovely looking dogs on this thread fellas, especially the pups Conor!


Multiple layers and secrecy are key IMO. Locks, alarms, cameras, black powder mines etc.

It’s a ballache, but pro thieves can bypass everything.

Absolutely everything.


Insurance is probably THE most important thing, sorry to sound defeatist.


To the OP, if it’s a totally new build I’d drop a lock box under the floor, like a mini-cellar, and hide it under a load of rubber garage tiles or something.

Leave some shitty old saws in a rack secured with a cheapo alarm cable or something to stop them looking too hard.


Best of luck!

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