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43 minutes ago, Sviatoslav Tulin said:

I still think why those guys, didnt hit a white house where real targets was? 

Bush wasn't there.

One plane was enroute to Washington DC but crashed after intervention by passengers and crew before it reached its target.

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I was teaching level 3 Arbs when somebody came into the lecture room and said the Towers had gone and two planes had crashed into them, I remember saying ' has Superman arrived yet?' stupid, inane  and callous as it transpired, we went down to the changing rooms and watched it on the stashed portable telly, usually reserved for the World Cup games, and watched in open mouthed silence.

When I got home my kids and partner where sat around the TV watching the story develop further, in tears.

Game changing, tragic day.

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I was working a couple miles south of the Pentagon pruning trees in a suburban neighbourhood using a 70ft bucket truck, I heard the explosion and raised the bucket to full height and watched over the houses the huge plume of smoke rise up.


Our crews were all called back to base and we watched it all unfold on the TV and outside. I took a look out the back of our workshop office one time, only thing in the skies were F15s. 




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42 minutes ago, Anno said:

I was teaching level 3 Arbs when somebody came into the lecture room --

Honestly, my brain registered that as "teaching level 3 Arabs" and instantly skipped ahead to something bad happened in the lecture room... Arbtalk before coffee, no good.

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If you were even mildly aware of US foreign policy and CIA activities worldwide at the time - 9/11 was not a surprise. There had been previous large scale attacks by Islamists on US assets in Africa and the previous World Trade Centre bombing was a major red flag on what was potentially coming down the pipeline. 

The CIA trained the mujahadeen. You can’t go out into the world training proxy warriors for US foreign policy then be surprised when the very same people you trained to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan attack you for using similar policies (US empire building) in Arab/Muslim countries across the Middle East. 



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I was sat in a bar in Tromso watching it on TV.


Returning from the 60 year commemorations of the Arctic Convoys at Arkhangelsk, 'someone' had the 'good idea' of transiting the fjords as a navigation exercise.  Myself and the deputy engineer were having a brew on the upper deck as we sailed past Tromso and thought - that looks like a cracking run ashore....


Minutes later the ship ran aground and we got our run ashore!  Kept us in Tromso for about 2 months as all the shit unfolded around the world post 9/11.


Beer was pricey but what a place!  

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I was working in Dover when the news was being reported by Chris Moyle. I decamped to the Thirst and Last(previously the Prince  Albert)at Eastcliffe. A mariners pub it was at the very least raucous. Not today, rammed and silent as we watched it unfold with live footage and reporting. All you could hear

 was a low buzz of conversation, quiet clinking of glasses and blowing of noses. 

A profound and sobering day

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