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not so large loader (avant 220)


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Looking at loaders, a local dealer has a second hand 220 avant in. Any one used one? I know they are small, under powered can't lift very high, BUT its - affordable - and doesn't weigh so much so I reckon it will be less risk of tearing up peoples lawns.  Would love a bigger MULTIONE, but don't have the funds for it. Finance is devils work and by that I mean the work of a Wunch of Bankers. 

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buy it!

i've got a 218, yes it's small and looks like a frog but heck does it save the back and time

it'll lift a 900 square bag of logs (including oak) 

it'll double stack them, but obviously have to put the top bag on a pallet 

it's seriously impressive what it'll pull

the 'drive circuit release valve' this is basically diff lock, heck does it work, when you need it, it's brilliant - don't use it unless you need to as it will 'skid' the tyres and do more ground damage 

on grass it's brilliant and doesn't mark the grass

it doesn't lift as high as my skid did but it makes you just have to do things differently 

i've changed the lights to LED, fitted a rear 12v socket, fitted a track, filled the rear wheels with water (and anti freeze before anyone says!!) fitted an extra ignition isolation switch. mines a 2011 and only had 136 hours on it when i got it about 5 months ago


it's good on fuel too


whats he asking for the 220?


i got a back plate made for the forks and got a tow bar mounted to a bracket for the front too

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1m wide for access is a bit of a naff size really. Not many garden gates are that wide, and you can get much more lift capacity with a larger loader and still not sacrifice many jobs due to access considerations. My loader is 1.3m wide but will lift 1.2 ton. If I was going 'small' mini loader route, I'd be looking at something that with the right wheels could slim down to 750mm- micro digger access widths.


I agree that any loader is better than no loader. I don't neccesarily agree that finance is the devil's work. I've put 40 hours on my Multione 8.4 in the first month! It's paying it's way. I would have regretted going any smaller (even 6.3 size), so I'd say consider carefully whether you will be buying the right machine for your type of work.


Now is an OK time to buy in my book- finance rates are stupidly cheap, whilst asset prices are shooting up. The 2.5% flat rate I pay is more than covered by inflation. There's apparently not been a price rise for two/three years on MultiOne or Avant, and any second hand ones sell for nearly new price.

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