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Mark Bolam

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It seems likely I have a hernia, waiting for an ultrasound.

Dull pain for a few weeks in my lower belly sent me to the Doctors, and he’s pretty sure there’s a split, but no bulge.


Obviously I need to be careful and then get an op, but apparently waiting lists are quite long.

I have no idea if that means 2 months or 2 years.

I’ve bought a support belt for the interim, but can anyone comment on post-op recovery times?

I would imagine I’m looking at several weeks off work.


Any other useful tips?



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The waiting time on the NHS can vary a lot from one area to another. I am glad I took out private health insurance several years ago; you can keep the cost down by opting for it to only pay out only for the more expensive things, or certainly with some providers.


I had my inguinal hernia (in the groin) repaired 21 months ago. I was able to be doing light duties at six weeks post op, and back to full climbing etc by twelve weeks.


When I went to see my GP about it (I am a retired (early!) GP) she said she would arrange an US scan. As I had insurance I suggested she just refer me to the surgeon, and I could have the scan if needed in the private sector - that leaves another scan appointment free in the NHS. Interestingly, when I saw the surgeon he said he had given up using US scans for most hernias as he found the results unreliable, but maybe the depends on the experience of the radiographer doing the scan.


Good luck, and hope you get it sorted soon.

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I had an umbilical hernia the other year. Recovery was not quick, but would not have been as bad if I had not been told to cease all activity prior to the op. I sat on my arse for nearly 8 weeks and that made my recovery twice as difficult IMO- the surgeon was not happy with the advice I was given either. Get some advice on exercise limitations ASAP 

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Get it done ASAP, left my inguinal hernia to long and then was advised to have open surgery which failed, land up having 14 weeks off work then key hole to put it right then another 10 weeks off. 

I would think about going private with how things are. 

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When I had my backside reamed out about 7 years ago the consultant also found a hernia in my stomach. There is a slight bulge there but he said at that size they wouldn’t even bother operating on it. Based on that I’d assume it would have been the same for yours particularly if there’s not even a bump. Maybe yours is in a more delicate area?

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I had an umbilical hernia and two small inguinal hernias. Only really knew about the umbilical one as it looked at me until I had horrendous pain in my bollocks, turned out one of the inguinal hernias which was about 2 inches above my cock was pressing on a nerve.

Had an appointment with the surgeon Jan 2020, 4 month wait at that point, then covid, had all three repaired in April this year.

Went quite badly, couldn't piss so ended up with a catheter, eventually got out of hospital but struggled with a lot of pain for over a month. Speaking to people afterwards it's unusual to get so much done at once. Most people don't have the problems that I did and it is better to get it done. 

Need to be really careful that it all heals before doing any lifting as it's hard to do more repairs once the mesh is in.

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