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Supply shortages and product lead times

Rob D

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Probably you may have already noticed that there seems to be a shortage of many some type items. And because there is a shortage people are ordering more and buying more in advance to remain stocked. Echo 2511 TES is a good example - we now have rolling back orders on these which never get fully filled and now it's pretty much of 'send us as many as you can when ever you can'. But they are being 'rationed' among dealers...


I would suggest to folks out there that they start to think well in advance in terms of what they need in terms of both day to day items and spares as right now I can only see things getting tighter in terms of supply.


Our suppliers for bars are between 4-6 months lead time [this is from order to completion - it does not include the 6 weeks shipping and there are delays at ports as well]. And we are being told these times are going to get longer. We could see bar orders taking 9 months to 1 year from us ordering to getting them in. This used to me max 3-4 months in the past.


We do have an incoming stock area here:



Incoming stock. Click below to see what’s due in and when. Panther Mini BarsIncoming stock Sugihara BarsIncoming...



One question we often get asked is do we do back orders - we don't for the following:


  1. Often when people order items in stock are mixed with items not in stock - it causes a lot of work and energy sorting these ie. Sir you ordered a bar which we don't have in stock for 8 weeks, but we can see you ordered x3 chains for this bar. Did you want the chains now or did you want the chains when the bar comes in?
  2. We are not getting accurate completion dates on what we have ordered - so once something is back ordered and we say 'here 20th March' customers will plan on having it then. If it doesn't come in then we have to contact the customer - inform them of next eta [customer is usually and understandably not happy about things buy now]. Lots more work and energy expended.
  3. Often back orders are pinned up but then missed once the import does finally arrive - then sells out quickly - the customer who has back ordered then needs to be told 'yes you did back order this, it did come in but we forgot your back order and now we have none left until next import - which by the way is 4 months away [if we are lucky]. You can imagine how that goes down...



The other method we have is to join a wait list - and this works fairly well and the plug in seems to work - only thing to watch is that the product can get cleaned out once it is in [with all those who have joined the wait list getting an e-mail]





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Just nudging this thread - supply will be getting tighter this year. Or at least that is the probability. Everything we are ordering is longer production times - and they don't stick to these times anyway!


We are really having to work hard chasing suppliers [every day occurrence]. Supply starts drying up and folks like me start upping their orders - so supply dries up further.


Buy what you need well in advance. Echo 2511 TES are hen's teeth right now [ the orders that are coming in are sold long before they ever reach the importer... and are getting rationed to dealers].


Maybe it won't work out the way it is looking but am giving a heads up.

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On 29/03/2021 at 14:18, IronMike said:

Rob how are you set for the Oregon tools for breaking and making chains? The ones you bolt to a bench. 


We have plenty of these but price will be going up to £98-00 for the set shortly.



24548B/24549B Oregon Breaker and Mender Package Deal. Break, mend and repair your own chains using this kit.


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On 29/03/2021 at 14:18, IronMike said:

Oregon tools for breaking and making chains?

Just bought this set off Rob, and very pleased I am too.  Thumbs up from me.  I was going to buy ready-made chains for my wide slabber, but Rob very helpfully pointed out I would save a fortune simply buying 100ft of chain and making up ourselves.


He was so right, and it is not difficult.


Thanks Rob.

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Yep - the idea of doing an offer on the set it so that if folks then have a reel of chain it:


  • Increases your skill set
  • You are not hitting nails then needing chains asap with all the stress it entails
  • It's a LOT cheaper - around 40% off chains [yes larger outlay initially]
  • We make mistakes making chains - but with the reels we'd have to send the wrong reel [unlikely]
  • You can take a link out of chains that have stretched
  • It's much more efficient in terms of time/packing/posting and general mucking about

Did do a thread here on .325 .050 but it's not as exciting talking about this over COVID it seems 😅



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