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Next truck, last truck...

Ty Korrigan

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 In 2012 I popped across 'La Manche' and picked up this Iveco.

2018 my company was in liquidation.

My wife, rather bravely, attended the auction of our companies kit and bought the truck back for her new venture.

It took us €3k+ to repair the vandalism and genuine lack of maintenance from the dying days of my former business but it was still far more economical than buying a similar used LHD truck in France.

It is the devil we know.

It has more than earned it's keep but we are planning to replace it in 2 years. A greater payload, difflock, toolpod, arb body.

We are considering whether to go to a 7t... or not.

In France the regs are more relaxed than the U.K. No 6 weekly checks, operators licence or waste licence.

Happily, 95% of our work is under 15km and my tip sites are close to home and free so not too far to travel if overloaded in a 3.5t.

A 7t would be quite a stretch financially against a 3.5t but I'll will never be able to run overloaded with chip.

See, I've a mad paranoia in that I fear having a shunt whilst overloaded and aside from the criminal prosecution, facing a withering civil claim for pain and diverse damages from the one I shunt.

In the light of this, the very real risk of losing all for the sake of spending another 15-30k€, a 7t seems a no brainer despite the financial burden.

Besides, it could be the last truck I buy. I was 51 years old last week, the truck may be good for 15-20 years so if loved better than my current truck, should see me out.

That is unless the government's legislate against all diesels...




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26 minutes ago, Ty Korrigan said:

Can you enlarge on that?

I've been here so long the meaning is lost in translation.





Buy the truck that you hope will fill your requirements the best.


It will work out or it will not.


No one knows your requirements better than yourself.


Your fear of "shunting " another vehicle in your over loaded 3.5tonner  to somehow magically never overloading your 7 tonner is irrationa,l as wether you run overweight or not is entirely within your control .




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@Ty Korrigan,  i can understand yr fears here ( after yon woodchipper n'all) had 2  vehicle 'not my fault' smashes in last ten years but that really is life, mate. Without massively handbagging this thread. Certainly could have done without them. Def.   K

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