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Crew and super cab...again

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Morning all,


I appreciate there are many threads on this but none answer my questions..


To those running crew cabs and super cabs ('1.5' cabs).


What is the actual difference in bed length. From what i can see an average crew cab bed is 5 foot and a super cab type has an extra 8 inches on that? 


I know super cab axles are positioned better for weight distribution but do the 2 models vary in overall vehicle length much? Modern crew cabs look long and numb.


I need a new truck, must be 4x4 pick up, but it will need to do the occasional school run. Has to be a crew or super (hopefully with suicide doors) but it pains me,coming from a single hi-cap 110, that it looks like i cant even sit a digging bar or stock post flat in the back!! I'm not an arb so chip capacity isnt an issue, it will be on estate and forest duties, though bed space is still important for logs and materials - when a trailer isnt in play.


Any help appreciated,


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hello Dave,


I feel you pain regarding not being able to easily place long items in the bed without placing them diagonally or having to tie them up against the ladder rack H frame. I make do with a double cab pickup as i don't chip into the back of it that often as i also run a Ford Transhit tipper.  I reckon a super cab (1.5 cab) with suicide doors would be ideal for small kids in a kids car seat or on a booster seat but not ideal for an adult unless they had short legs as the journey cud be torture. Super cabs have useful space behind the seats for kit but obviously a proper double cab has quite a bit more space. I know Mitsubishi  do a 'Long back' version of the L200 which i believe is a double cab fitted with a single cab or is it a space cab tub on the back?  This would give you more length for fence posts etc along with having a proper 5 seater cab. 

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I believe the difference in bed length between a double cab Navara and a Kingcab is 11".


If you're hoping to buy a super cab secondhand good luck:  I've recently bought the only Kingcab on Nissan's Used website from 240 odd used Navaras.

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Super cab every time here, you should get a foot more bed space.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen passengers in the back of a double cab, apart from ‘lifestyle’ vehicles or gyppos out coursing.

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Oh this is a conundrum I have yet to solve- exactly the same as you Dave have a single cab 110 hicap which is brilliant as can lye 6ft posts down in the bed and being wide plenty of space for wire/tools or whatever. But then there is literally sod all space in the cab!

at the moment I’ve solved it by having a landrover discovery as a tool carrier and temporary family car as have left one rear seat in and shelved the rest for tools, and the 110 is used far less regularly for fencing/pickup work.

The way I see it apart from the initial purchase cost I’m better off running two older vehicles, as tax/insurance for both is the same cost as for one newer vehicle. Plus it’s nice having a backup if one is not behaving itself and relieves the stress of having to fix it in a hurry for the next day etc. Having run the two together it would have to be a superbly designed/ultra reliable vehicles to make me trade the two in for it- and I’m just not sure one vehicle can ever do it all....

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Appreciate all your input. Looks like I am going for the super cab - friendly keeper down the road let me have a nose at his, with 2 child seats in. 


Disco idea was a good one but a pick up is a must as I'm not sharing a cab with some of the stinking loads I need to carry!



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