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Daniël Bos

Husqvarna ps250 hydraulic pole saw

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I've stumbled across a brace of these at an auction close by.

I've never seen one before, might get them (depending on price obviously) 

Used well, but not obviously ragged to bits. It's a dispersal sale from a local contractor.


Does anyone have any information on these?

Used experience?


Spares availability?


Cheers, Daniel



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Hope you have a good back, as they will  cripple you if used for long periods, handy piece of mind.

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Friend or mine has one or years, heavy alright, usually leaves engine on ground and uses pruner attachment. Parts could be bit of a problem I’d think.

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250PS great machine, was offered with 3/4/5/and 6m hoses, there was also a secateurs attachment, a 250r brush cutter engine unit connected to a small hydraulic pump, it was very reliable unit, never run the the machine without the poles connected as the pressure can go nowhere and either shear the key way or the shaft, there ia an over pressure valve in the motor cutter head, if the return hose is not connected or you kink the hose it will shower you in oil, it was a very expensive machine, the engine unit alone was over £1000, the poles were £600/700, parts are going to be a problem, not for the engine but for the hydraulic side. Thet were heavy on you back, when you take it off you feel like your walking on air.

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Cheers, I'll have a punt anyway.

I'll just bid to a bit below what I think the value of a single working one should be and hope I can get one working out of the two. I'll go up to £200 odd, can't go far wrong with that I reckon.

If not, it sounds like the parts should have some value?

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I bid, I won, I collected...!

The lot was the two ps250's with 4 or 5m poles and a couple of stihl bg85 blowers.

Straight away one of the ps250 fired up, runs nice, no leaks, all good! There's one small niggle: the throttle cable is frayed a bit so it's a bit sticky but I reckon I can sort that with a bike brake cable (has the same end on it)

The other ps250 appears to have a stuck starter, but' I've not looked into it any further. It's pole is missing one of the hydro quick couplers, i'll pop by my local hydro buddy to see if they have anything that small (it has the cutest little hydraulic couplers!) if not i'll probs just change them over to something more commonly available.


One of the blowers fired up right away too, needs a new primer bulb (cracked a bit but not leaking yet) and a nozzle and she's good to go.

The other didn't have a spark plug in it so I've not yet looked if she runs or not.


So two out of four machines fired straight up, pretty pleased with that!



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