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Chainsaw pants, hand cutting

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Afternoon all,

Could I have some input on what chainsaw trousers, type A, your all using at the moment.

I am nursing mine along and they need replacing.

I currently use stein and Arbortec Breathflex's.


I am looking at a pair of Arbortec Breathflex Pro's or Stein Krieger Guardian's.


They worth the money?



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I got a pair of Husqvarna Technical "Robust" about a year ago from Skyland and they are the toughest I've used in a long time, had three pairs of the Tech Extremes and I find the Robust a better harder wearing trouser. I cut 5 days a week in mostly Spruce which is often blown and covered in brambles etc so a good test !

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6 hours ago, Khriss said:

Pffanner Gladiators seem indestructible - Stihl , very destructible. K

I use pffanner nowadays. Gone through all sorts of pants over the years. 


Burnt holes in them, split the crotches regular and ripped to shreds. 


Last couple of pairs of pants were breathflex. Utter shite. Heavy pants and which idiot decided to put the belt loops like 4" away from the buttons etc? All that happens is the pants sag and sawdust just goes down your crotch and legs.... Have 2 pairs here I haven't worn out yet but hate them that much I replaced them! 


Might be a lot more.brass but proper fitting pants! Pffanner gladiator all the way!

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The Pfanners are the toughest pants out there, but I find them too hot this time of year. I use the lightest pair I can find for summer, even if they only last a couple of summers. I know the pfanners will be there in the autumn

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On 18/05/2020 at 13:42, Dave110 said:

I am looking at a pair of Arbortec Breathflex Pro's or Stein Krieger Guardian's.

Couple of years ago I changed from Stihl Hi Flex (outer layer tore just too easily) to Stein Krieger Guardian and Sentinel. I like them, as does the lad who works for me. Much tougher, and more comfortable, but not at Pfanner prices. Never had Pfanners, but might try a pair from what people say about them.

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I use Husqvarna Technical as a cold weather trouser and they are tough, will last for up to 18 months of constant use, though for summer go light - even if Arbortech's don't wear that well at least they are light. Or if you can still get them, try SIP Innovation 2, easily the lightest trouser I've had and ideal for the hottest day

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