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New bar and old chains... they don't go together!

Rob D

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Hi all - am going to try and do a more in depth post another day... Since manning the whatsapp I've found many of our customers are using old chains on new bars and not changing the drive sprocket/rim often enough. Old chains may have peening to the drive links - on a nice shiny new bar the friction generated is huge - heats the rails after a few minutes and the bar is written off [or it will still work but will not last long before chunks fall out of it].


  • Don't use old chains on a new bar
  • Always check your drive sprocket/drive rim for wear
  • Keep all the old stuff together and use it together - don't mix it into your new stuff!


I'm seeing so many knackered drive sprockets/rims [but generally the reply is 'not had the saw long mate only light work etc etc'] and issues where the bar is getting overheated and blued through using old chains.



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Yep - it would not bother me so much but when you get the 'mate I thought these Sugi bars were good? only had light use for 2 weeks and look at the state of it!' - and then when you point out how shagged their gear is - they still don't get it!


It is coming sadly to me saying - please don't buy off us again. How do you point out to folks that they haven't got a clue how to look after this part of their gear?

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I usually find sarcasm is quite effective. I said to one customer that the issue with his saw was the lack of a compressor, He totally missed the joke and said which part of the saw was a "compressor".......made me chuckle!


On the other hand - one customer sent three saws in, I gave him the usual....you can grow spuds on those saws, he sent me a pic of his new compressor and every machine thereafter was nice and clean...Mr Harrison, you are a gent;)

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Yep - I know I was equally as bad when I was on the tools full time and makes me feel somewhat abashed! I'm doing a vid soon to illustrate the issue though.. all these customers were perplexed as to why they were having issues... [permission granted by all - no naming and shaming]

20_04_30 Sprocket_2.jpg

Worn Rim 1 (1).jpg

Worn Rim 1 (3).jpg

Worn Rim 3 (1).jpeg

Worn Rim 3 (5).jpeg

Worn Spur 1 (1).JPG

Worn Spur 2 (1).jpg

Worn Rim 1 (1).jfif Worn Rim 2 (1).jfif Worn Rim 2 (2).jfif Worn Rim 6 (1).jfif Worn Spur 4.jfif

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1 minute ago, Khriss said:

All that cack on saw is from blunt teeth ( an the wear pattern) chainsaws are nearly self cleaning with sharp teeth = no dust just shavings. K

Yep but again it's assuming folk clean the saw regularly - some don't and in the end you are bound to get some build up. It's not the wear that's the issue - it's the wear and being ignorant of it that's the issue. Chain sharpening on the whole seems pretty good though [better than mine in most cases!] but the bar and sprocket maintenance is truly shocking.

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When am instructing our candidates, always say "  i will show you how to sharpen - but its an art to get teeth razor sharp - am it will take time and practise but when you cracked it, its like a knife thru butter"    k

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