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Time to re-stock the firewood pile

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See images,

15 mins to collect from the outside pile and cut to between 200mm and 300mm.

Moisture readings between 12.7% (from a bundle 2nd row in and 2nd from the top and 16.9% from an outside bundle.

Multiple readings taken, and gut feeling, say ave 15%, since the 16.9 was a real outlier.

Cut sticks picked at random from the pile after cutting a bundle.

The saw with the bigger pully runs, or "hums"  sweet at about 850engine rpm, which gives about 225PTO rpm,it  should require 925rpm, for 250 PTO rpm(by my calculations) but this just did not sound "right". 

The bundle resting on the 2 below is the right height for my back, and cutting the middle strap, but not the end straps(eased over a couple of billets to allow me to start) allow the bundle to sit without spilling onto the floor.


Sitting out of an evening into night, watching the fish rise and listening to the birdsong, with an almost endless supply of Swedish Candles.(last image obv)









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42 minutes ago, Dan Maynard said:

15 minutes per bundle?

Yes, measured, and not racing, each bundle being a generous 0.5m3, tightly strapped.

I must count the average no of billets per bundle next🤔

And buy another set of crane scales to weigh the billet bundles.

But obviously time "lost" setting up, and then moving the saw and conveyor periodically.

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I’ve been sitting out in the evening a lot too, never heard so much bird song as this spring. I’m loving my evenings in the garden, brilliant de-stressing.

keep safe everyone.

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I'm always very jealous of your shed - not just the size and light levels, but the fact it's joined on to the back door of your house!! :thumbup1:

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Hardly elegant mind, but nice to be able to get in and out of the car in the dry, nevermind fetching in sticks and dogfood, freezer access etc etc.

A bit of a wind tunnel happenstance, but then that is better for the wood pile.

All DIY, sans paperwork.



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Very nice setup. Saw looks a lot safer than many PTO circular saws I have seen. Is that a drott sitting there?

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Nope a wee Fiat 605C crawler, and the rocking cradle firewood saw is nice to use, fast, and indeed safe.

It really needs a 2 nd person bring the billets forward to be a truely  slick operation.

But!  the conveyor needs moved too often, it really needs a short extension that can be rotated, to cover more floorspace without re-jigging both the conveyor and saw.

The conveyor is really only for filling bags, boxes or trailers.

I might consider trying to finagle something along those lines myself, hmmm?



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