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Seasoning and tipping logs in vented bags

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I am sorry to start a new  thread on the subject but I just cannot make sense of how the search engine works on this forum??????????

How do you get on drying/seasoning logs in vented bags ?

Do the bags vary a great deal in quality between makes?

Does sunlight make the bags  brittle after a season out in the sun (if we get any!!!!)?

How do you tip the bags in to your delivery vehicle?

Do  the full bags stack very easily ?

Just another way of trying to make a better job of drying logs  down to the 20% that they all need to be at next February.

Any comments suggestions appreciated.

If I were younger I would think about seasoning in  potatoe Boxes,IBC contaner , car part crates. I may be only doing logs for a couple of more seasons (I am 69)  so trying to be more efficient at the cheapest  cost and least effort.   Ok ,you will say why bother just pack  it in , I am tempted   but  I am influenced by the saying "What we need is purpose in life" counteracting that saying is the one that says "Be careful  you are not being a busy fool"  not that  hard to follow messing about with firewood !!!!! 

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Good post,from one seasoned woodman to another

we switched to vented bags a few years ago,they work very well,wood drys much better than tipping in a barn,they will stack up 3/4 high depending on your loaders lift,they are tipped by placing them on the truck bed,detach the bag and at the bottom of the bag there are two extra tabs hook on them and then lift and the bag flips upside down,then your loaded,very pleased with ours there 3 years old and each one must have been filled 50 times and there still in good shape,as I remember about £7 from ebay...Good luck Chap

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I use these:



BAG Supplies Ltd. are based in Stoke-on-Trent. We stock and supply all of your bulk packaging requirements and deliver...


decent product, first round of bags are gusting 4 years old. 

stacking the bags, I only go 2 high and a pallet under each (improves airflow, stack stability and ‘tidy’ looking)


bag filling is a consideration. If just thrown in I can’t stand to look at the bags, bulgy, unsightly, less stable. If hand loaded tidy whilst hanging bag on forks you get a nice straight bag but it takes a bit longer. 

tarps over top row has been hit and miss with UV degradation. I’m thinking an open sided, box section roof cover only to be made this summer. 

If it makes you happy, carry on. If it hurts or costs you time, effort, money, maybe go pub instead 😂

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I also put them on pallets once I've filled them up for the same reasons as Kevin. More stable when stacking them and quicker to move round than jumping on and off the tractor to put the bag loops on the pallet forks. I load the bag in to the trailer and hand ball out at the customers house. Only do a small amount of logs and don't have a tipping trailer.


I don't put the bags outside as if they get rained on I've found the logs in the middle can take a long time to dry out or even go mouldy. Just keep them stacked in an open fronted shed and they season well. I wouldn't want to put logs that were processed in the rain in to a vented bag, it'll go mouldy in the middle.


Anything that's going to be stored outside goes in to an IBC with a little roof on as the ventilation is far superior in them if they do happen to get wet at all.

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Last year I tried the big potato seed bags, they're vented on all sides and carry about 2 cube if completely full.

The logs that went in were already down to about 25% so drying wasnt an issue.

The easiest way to empty them I found was to lift them above the truck and just cut the bottom out.

The bags then have to go to recycling, but that's where they were heading anyway before my use.

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Some very good log bag videos here  unfortunately they are in German     


or   Google   repack much e.U   . 

I think the climate in Vienna where the above outfit is based may a bit drier than the uk !!!!! 

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We have had mixed results with the bags - they let the logs dry ok but some of them really do not like UV and we have had several where we only get one use out of the bag which makes them pricy.


Moving to IBC cages as and when possible


As others have said use a pallet between each bag and don't make a tight stack - let the wind through

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